Saturday, October 1, 2022



Does It Exist


Is there a cure

for the pain of the soul,

for which no medicine

cannot find a diagnosis?


Is there a thread

with which it can be patched

the heart that has a crack

not to bleed to his core?


Is there a solid box

where can I pour out my thoughts

to pack them carefully

and from everything I may rest?!



Trapped In Herself


Trapped in myself

hungry for bits of hope,

thirsty for clear water

from the source of reality.


Trapped in myself

I hear the strong heartbeat,

and the soul is convulsed by uncertainty

wondering what next?


Trapped in myself

I feel the heavy steps

of the passing time,

it slowly gets lost and goes away.



When It Will All Disappear


When faith is gone,

the black crows will fly

on this ground of envy and cunning

without conscience to peck at dead bodies

of already dead feelings.


When hope is gone,

when all ships sink in the sea of life

and the drowning without boats and life belts

with a shred of hope - in themselves that they have left

to fight for air until the last breath.


When love is gone

there will be a torrential rain of malice in the hearts

to the faithful, the hopeful and the lovers,

the strong winds of jealousy,

they will blow it through the crack of the soul




ANA DEDOVA was born in Kočani, Macedonia. She spent most of her childhood in Ohrid, Macedonia, which is the main 'culprit' for her first works. Her first book was published in 2012 with the title 'Ohrid pearls.' Occasionally her works are published in the student youth magazine 'IZLEZ. In 2015, she published her second book of poetry, 'Illusion', and two years later, she published her third book in Croatian, 'Your Angel's Face', dedicated to the Balkan pop star from Croatia, Danijela Martinović. It was promoted in Kočani, in the library 'Iskra' and in Skopje in the house of culture 'Kocho Racin', as well as in Zagreb-Croatia, in the most renowned library 'Medveščak', during the Croatian book month. In 2019, she published the fourth book entitled 'The Embroidery of Life', and last year she also published the collection 'The Voice of my Soul'. She is the winner of many awards and recognitions at the national and international level, of which the following stand out: Golden plaque, at the poetry festival 'Gocevi vidici' 2021. Special award from the world literary organization, for the best poetic work. Award for winning 4th place at the 9th International Poetry Competition 'Cities of Verses', organized by writers and literati from Croatia. Award for winning 9th place at the 11th International Poetry Competition 'Poetry of the Golden Verse: The Thread of Early Spring', organized by writers and literati from Croatia. Award for winning 1st place at the 15th International Short Story Competition, organized by writers and literary men from Croatia. She is a participant in many literary and electronic anthologies and anthologies in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, England and Italy. She has organized and participated in many humanitarian projects, both in our country and beyond. Ana has received the title (recognition) of an international ambassador for peace and humanity in the world and a 'Golden Pledge' certificate, organized by the World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights.

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