Saturday, October 1, 2022





Birds can still

Change the tone of the ruins

Still a piece of the sky

It can make my whole canvas of day blue

I rub my lips on the thirsty soil

The taste of rain in my mind

Is being reviewed

The world has a new analysis

Even a butterfly knows it

And butterfly

Interprets color lines on ruins




The poets of the world go naked

In the swamp of poetry

 Sometimes the fish breathes better there

Sometimes algae thinks greener there

Poets for the crime of nudity

They sing inside the walls

And the world falls into the dry throat of autumn

And the world is ignorant

World reaches peace only in the aromatic mouths of poets




Our glory was exactly in a white point of the mountain

which fell with a swallow

The flight was the reflection of the bird in the mountain

And we shot at each other

with the stone of ignorance

Wound from the beginning

 It was estimated in all our history papers

Our glory has bled

And I am a poet standing at the beginning of the wound

And I am a poet from classic pains

I have crawled into modern pains

And here I am standing on the precipice of the most modern word

With the most fragmented book of ancient history

With a huge bag of corpses

executed Myths




ELHAM HAMEDI (Shiraz, Iran, March8, 1967) is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, with a master's degree in art research from Yazd University, and a bachelor's degree in radiology from Shiraz University, Winner of the  International Literary Award 2022 named "Women For Culture and For Peace" award (MESTRE/VENEZIA), “International Prize for Peace and the Defense of Human Rights “( Toscolano Maderno), one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside Prize (( IX Edition )Literary Arts 2021( Procida-Italy). She is present with her poetic and artistic works in numerous international anthologies and prestigious international magazines and websites, and also Personal and International Group Art Exhibitions.



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