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I'm a sad-faced poet,

I look around like a frightened deer. I hid the sighs in my soul, since he has not been with me.


I am also a worker bee, tirelessly with a pencil I fight to create a more beautiful world for everyone and turn it into an oasis of love and peace.


Stop Climate Change


The green river cried,

it is full of garbage, he says.

The blue sea is just silent

and sadly, it foams.


Everything was destroyed by man,

polluted everything from order,

they cut down many forests,

the white birch cried.


Nature is angry now,

mother earth is breathing heavily,

everything was destroyed by man,

it's written in black for all of us.


Our climate is changing rapidly,

floods are a terrible condition,

the landslides came to life

let us know now.


Fires and floods, earthquakes and landslides,

this situation is critical.

Stop man and think,

use your knowledge.


Let's save the planet,

let's save the lives of many.

The situation is alarming now,

get up world, everyone on your feet!


I stole my eyes from an old chestnut, and my hair is the color of ripe wheat. I am also that blackbird at the bottom of a deserted meadow, which sighs and tells its story.


My soul is like the wind restless and fast, a girl in a woman's body who constantly asks something through the verses.


I am a woman of roses, do not extend your hands to me, I will leave my thorn in your heart because if the poet did not love you, you do not know how twisted and black life is.


The Woman In Red


Close your eyes tonight, as he whispers to you,

the woman in red.

With lips the color of September wine,

he will test all the sadness from your heart.


They will kiss your black eyes,

they will tell you, everything bad will pass

because from this night until eternity,

next to you will be a woman in red.


They will stop time because of you

and help the mountains,

reach the sun and take down the stars,

and a hundred more miracles if needed,

everything will do for you, woman in red.


She is a poet, she is a fairy,

your sorceress, without a magic wand,

love is its strongest power,

because of you, she is ready to go into the fire'.


So just close your sleepy eyes tonight

and breathe deeply because all sadness will pass,

forget your worries and relax,

to the woman in red, surrender tonight.


Let him bandage your wounds with his hair,

turn black nights into happy days,

with fingers like piano keys

let it play according to your soul,

the most beautiful melody of your life.


Relax, enough of loneliness and pain,

a lot of misunderstanding, hopelessness and sadness,

accept her outstretched hands

because she is not like others,

she is your wife in red.


She is all you need,

so that even without wings he would fly to the sky,

lover, sister and best friend,

she is your guide and the right path.


Surrender to the fire of love tonight,

which has been simmering in you for a long time,

forget everything, nothing else exists

just you and your wife in red.


She is your peaceful harbor, she is the oasis of your happiness as she opens wide the door to the temple of her soul.

be her rain after a long drought,

 be her knight, be her king

and don't let love ever end


One soul in two bodies, you have the same destiny, linked to eternity, for her there is no other.

Nothing else matters, tonight just hug her tightly and remember for the time being,

your wife in red loves you.




VILDANA STANIŠIĆ: A poet from Bosnia and Herzegovina, was born in 1971 in Mostar. She is a journalist and writer by profession. She has been writing since childhood. She is a member of the World Literary Academy and the winner of numerous awards in the field of literature. Vildana is Doctor Honoris Causa. She was appointed ambassador of peace and ambassador of cultural creativity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2021, she was declared Princess of World Culture.

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