Thursday, December 1, 2022



Death Is Immortal


Do not seek death in vain

neither at dusk nor at dawn

She has no grave of her own

No eyes to cry

It's just an agreement

With the strange little future

And with the millions of winds

What blows our lives

Like heavy clouds

Like angels

Sitting on the lap of death

Reading verses about birth


Sitting At The Bar With Death


Sitting at the bar with death

We drink from the cup of life

What overflows from the last drop

And we're not talking about the morning rush

Nor for all loans in the bank

No one mentions the failure

Not a word is said about the great sorrows

There is only an auction of the past

Which must be redeemed without tears

With frozen blood to calm the heart

With a stern look to cut the silence

And from your bones flowers grow

Don't think that earth is the end

For your way is but one journey

On the wings of a wounded angel

What hit you with your stone – skull

Looking for luck, spinning in a magic circle


Letter To Death


Oh death, you bloody mouth

It does not flow under my trunk

And left the grave empty

Of my past ideals

Let them live, let them struggle


Oh death, you steel palm

Don't come today either

Asking me for lunch out of love

Slip on the floor of the soul

Leave the present moment alive


Oh death, you skeleton head

Don't look into my future honey

Look into my dream

There you will see terrible apparitions

Stay with them until your death




ANETA VELKOSKA was born in 1978. She lives and works in Macedonia. Work experience: professor, TV journalist, librarian, writer. Winner of awards for poetry, prose, drama: poetry book of the year, state award for essay, best drama script of a festival, first award in the world for Esperanto culture, special award for the traveling theater "Savages", with students, awards from the area of education and science. Acts: What Annoys Eternity (2001), Are All Gods Romantic (2004), First Macedonian lexicon (2004), The second love of the stone (2009), The Giantest Dwarf and the Dwarfest Giant (2010), Bad Yin and Good Yang (2018), Endless Frame (2019). She writes drama and film scripts. She makes creations from natural materials. Likes mountaineering, photography, occult sciences. She is the author of several multicultural projects.


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