Thursday, December 1, 2022





In my palm I keep my dreams

mingled with reality and illusions

nurturing them to be alive in wildered competitions


In my twenty-four hours

I create ways to change the impossible

to enable them being visible


My faith convinces

they will punctually come

and I distinctly hear the voices.




In silence I find my truest self

celebrating the tranquility

within the thin shadow of certainty


I whisper God’s name in a solemn chant

to conquer the enigmatic life

crushed in my palm


Bronzy sky turns darker

as the grave-like quietness

silencing my thought

and I feel my real existence.


An Apology Roses


The alabaster rose bouquet

Represents my apology

Lying in solitude, half withered

Waiting for being forgiven


Vague words tremble towards the fathomless eyes

The disappointment and regret encounter

Insistently mute


The bouquet with its faintly whiff

At last fills the fathomless heart

Conveying the unspoken words louder

The falling withered petals don’t know words

They speak with beauty.




EWITH BAHAR is a published author, poetess, novelist, translator and essayist from Indonesia. She had a long-time career in a mass communication field (radio and television industry). Prior to joining RCTI (The biggest private TV station in Indonesia) in 2004, she was a host for several musical and cultural programs for TVRI (Indonesian government TV station). This complements her passion who loves music, culture, psychology, philosophy and history greatly. She has published eleven books, in all genres: poetry, novel, short stories, and essays. Another three books are still in on-going process. Hundreds of her poems were published in many national newspapers, journals and online medias, home and abroad. Her works also can be found in approximately more than 60 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and in many international anthologies. She herself once organized Indonesian poets to publish their works into  ten poetry anthologies since 2014. And starting 2022, she plans to manage another poetry anthology project that will be joined by many world poets from five continents about Borobudur Temple, one of UNESCO world heritage sites in Indonesia that was built in the 8th and 9th centuries AD. Two years ago, in 2019, one of her poetry books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. In November 2021, her single poem, “Imigran Digital” won the third place in a poetry writing competition, related to outstanding yearly Indonesian Poetry Day celebration, organized by Yayasan Hari Puisi (Poetry Day Foundation). In July 2022, she won two writing competitions, each the third place for Essay on Chairil Anwar (The most influential Indonesian poet) and essay on Insurance. Ewith Bahar’s poetical works have been translated into several foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, Indian, Serbian, Armenian, Uzbek, Nepali, French, Italian, Arabian, and Korean. Besides writing career, Ewith was also a teacher at communication institutions, Interstudy and LEPPKINDO. And several years ago, she also run a public speaking course for children and teens, coordinated by her own event organizer. She is now active in KaBi (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel) and as a public speaker for creative writing, communication matters and bibliotherapy.  

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