Thursday, December 1, 2022



I Was Dancing


I danced on tiptoe


clinging myself to the most unspeakable dreams

of slot… survivors.

I was looking for a safe foothold

which sometimes turns into a port

so dark.

Up there, among the dripping branches

of dew, I rose up

where the eyes dazzled

of rising light

to embroider on the essence

of infinity.

Beyond the blue of the sky

beyond the earthly agony…

Beyond life itself.




And in this cosmic empty

the soul

finds no shelter.

He is at the mercy of feelings

that does not blend well

with his desire to


in a joyful air.

Sooner or later

he will find the right key

to open the door

to smiles hungry for love...

and evanescent anxieties

they will give the way

to new latitudes...


Flesh Heart


Yes, I have a heart

flesh made

eyes dressing dreams

they range

in the infinite celestial vault

to step on grains of salt

straight to the center

of mine drives, fragile and strong

as only a fair woman

warrior and mother, can be.

Although a heart can be hard


it is the abode of a soul... doesn’t


I take my leave of my distortions

kissed by shining moons.

I dress in hibiscus, still in flower

without ceasing to honor sprouts.

Then I take a run... madly

and I fly away, far away

from an hybrid and sifted earth.

I am a flesh heart made

in my lights and shadows

that hug me, and in the middle

there is all my life.




FRANCESCA PATITUCCI:  She has been writing poetry for several years.  She is a teacher of English language and culture. She worked, for about twenty years, in a multinational in the field of Human Resources. She has two sons. The passion for writing and reading was born from a young age. She is a lyricist for musical pieces, one of these present in a collection released last August by a well-known singer-songwriter from Palermo. She reviews books of her “pen-friends”, edits poetry collections and often sworn in literary competitions. She has obtained several important awards in the national and international competitions in which she has participated and she’s present in various poetic anthologies, in monthly and daily magazines, writes monthly articles in an online magazine and collaborates as an administrator in a literary group of fb with weekly social workshops.


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