Thursday, December 1, 2022





I’m in thoughts

Or thoughts are in me

I’m meditating

Or that meditation itself is me

Life I’m living

Or living itself is life

I’m witnessing the life

Or life witnessing me

My conscious is a part of cosmic consciousness

Or ‘I’ is the consciousness itself


My nullness!

Is a part of the vast voidness

Or the vast voidness lingers in me as nullness

Me within the void

And the void within me


A drop of rain

From blue heaven

Becomes an ocean

Drops are ocean

Or ocean is in the drops

The moment it submerges

And surrenders its tiny existence

And all it’s trivial sentiments

And embraces the vastness of universal presence

And a drop becomes an ocean

And I become You.

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty


Are You Listening!


My tiny appearance

My negligible presence

My feeble sustenance

My insignificant significance

Are parts of Your vast existence

If at all any quality I possess

Definitely it’s Your gifts in excess


When I get appreciated

In return, to You I appreciate

Do not ever let my mind dwell, where it shouldn’t

Do not ever tempt me with temptations

Do not ever provoke me with any provocations

Because if I get blamed

That also to You only I would offer

Are You listening my dear!

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty




Walking on a lonely road

Met with his lonely soul

Like an exclamation mark

It was a fine evening and was about to get dark

In his eyes, I have seen some unseen sparks


An invitation was made to walk together

From whose side! can’t reveal here

As that’s an etiquette

Not to reveal few things

Though goes without saying!


Promises are not needed every-time

Some words are more promising, than the promises

Some silences are more convincing in themselves

Some unwritten writings

Even unexpressed things

Some unthinkable thoughts

Some un-calculated if and buts


Some verses unspoken

Without undertaking, somethings were undertaken

Some uncommunicated communications

Some unexpressed expressions

Some unexplained explanations

Some unexplored explorations

Some invisible tear and smile’s cocktail,

And their sweet, sour internalization remain unraveled

Some intimacy

And some more decency


Some non-committed commitments

Reservation of some unreserved sentiments

Some known temperaments

Says much more, which we knew better

Simply silently we accompanied each other


Nether there was any questions

Nor the answer was of any concern

No complaints

And no complements either

How empowering were the minds

Who knew, on which horizon they were walking

They simply conversed in the ether

Keeping their eyes in each other.

Copyright © Dr. Gita Mohanty



GITA MOHANTY IS an assistant Biology professor in USA, Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Bombay, India, and post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a passionate poetry writer, with a compassionate heart and beautiful mind. She has written more than thousand (1000) poems so far and many are published in various online poetry forums/platforms, literary web magazines, e-journals and several anthologies. Poetry to her is an inner conversation with her own soul, who believes in free flowing and spreading smile across. She also likes painting, photography, reading, philosophy and interacting with nature. She is motivated in serving the unprivileged and presently working for the visually impaired and economically challenged kids college education support and their sustenance. She believes, unconditional love and compassion are the most elegant characteristics of a true being.


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