Thursday, December 1, 2022



I'm Still Alive

- I'm screaming from the middle of the seashells

No, no!

I'm not in the seabed

I got cold because of sleeping with the stones!


We are neighbors and border with an old mill,

I'm circling around with the taste of the wind

The gray part of my hair is knotted by the courage of the storm.

No escape route,

Passers-by will hear the tune of my cries.


- No, no!

I’m not in the countryside;

My ear is singing in the same language with the tea aroma,

In an undulate dream on a field road.


- How can I confess?

no, no, I’m not alone!

I’m living in the bitterness of the intruder red wine

that accidentally knocked on my door one summer night.

I’m distrilling love by squeezing its throat

I evaporate a little bit every day.


Translated By Baki Yiğit


The Rice Field


Always in this season

I open my window every day

For the sake of the rice fields,

Before the smell of the loneliness pervades,

Frogs start making love!

And meanwhile, what do the pregnant pains

That desire the rain to be late expect?

Make me wait a bit, please!

You are an unwanted August rain!

If you rain, we'll be buried with my hair.

As the wind blows, I will multiply "Me"!


Translated by Baki Yiğit


My Family Home And Me


Wait a while,

We can overtake these days again

Please don't come close to me!

When your skin touches mine

I keep vomiting the sea

remind me your name on the sands!

In fact, we are accomplices of the sea,

We cut the hair of the darkness.

But it's not a consolation,

How can a person find the sun of his family home strange!


I come from the merrily making love country of bitter oranges

Sometimes you have to take the road even longer!


- Well maybe happiness

was like the chairs lying on the table after the wedding.

Maybe each side of our faces was being painted a different color,

Or it meant the knife tying our hands together.

As you stood on the edge of the cake,

And I at the end of it.


Translated By Baki Yiğit




TAHEREH MIRZAYI was born in the North of İran in 1979. Besides her poems, she also translated Türkish poems. She has been living in Turkey since 2015 and is PHD student in the field of Turkish literature.

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