Thursday, December 1, 2022



Seasons Chain


Between the summer lace

a rainbow of leaves

is trying to keep Earth

in a colorful mandala…

Prelude to autumn's gray mantle,

reflection of shades,

the season of the night is coming…




Sun shower over me,

sent by your eyes.

Thunders of tenderness,

surrounding my soul.

It is a real bless,

it is a ply,

of the stream warming,

of the mountains silverness,

of the shining depth...

I am in a real love bowl...


Shaking Leaves

Under The Magic Wind


Shaking leaves under the magic wind,

right before the sunset,

trees are sending wishes to eternity.

Messages of roots and past,

history and rituals,

passing through time

like endless legends.

Trees are staying stable,

witnesses of battles,

pain, and screams,

and death...

Guardians of secrets,

love stories and epic spectacles of life.

The oldest creatures on Earth,

some like sequoias

a century old...

Today trees whisper,

like every other day,

to whom who can listen...




DESSY TSVETKOVA: Bulgaria. Dessy has 5 poetry books in Bulgarian and one in English, called "Wind whispers". She compiked an Anthology "River of words" with contemporary and classic Bulgarian authors, translated in English, French or German. Her poems are published in magazines and anthologiesin Belgium, Bulgaria, India, Albania, USA, UK, Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Mexico. Dessy is from Bulgaria, living in Belgium, member of the Flemish Party for Poetry. Dessy won the 1st place for poetry in World Literature Festival in Brashov, Romania, 2022.


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