Thursday, December 1, 2022



In The Wind


For what is in the wind,

but a prayer, a song;

giving praise to the earth,

where both belong.


A whisper of love,

a caress tender and true:

yet, what it holds together

it can also undo.


Seeds of beauty,

strewn and sown;

finding a place to thrive

until they've grown.


We are all wind,

carrying words that weigh;

sending them soaring

on any given day.


A thousand murmurs,

carried on her breeze;

the wind holds them all

while caressing the trees.


A warm summer day,

a cool autumn brush;

a cold crisp finger

causing all to rush.


The air is swirled,

making leaves glide by;

a current under wings

allowing birds to fly.


Yet, what is in the air,

but the promise of spring;

and warm sunny days

when songbirds sing.


Tearing all down,

she can rage fast and fierce;

scattering all o’er the earth,

she can cut and can pierce.


Secrets, joys, and lost loves,

even horrors, she's pinned;

all close to her breast,

forever carried on the wind.


One cannot truly know her,

or even presume to guess;

the wind is eternal,

and invisible her dress.


You know she is there,

just watch and you’ll see;

all sway in her presence

as she flies free.


Take her not for granted,

for if she ever goes away,

a hush will fall around you

and sad will be the day.


For what is in the wind,

but eternity and breath;

a thing taken for granted,

right up to every death.


Shadows In The Night


When the shadows of the night

tiptoe through your halls,

and the whispers of the wind

still the voices in the wall.


Cry out, oh you wanderers

of dark and ghastly places;

withdraw from this expanse,

depart, oh dreadful faces.


Banish all the demons

who are clinging to this place;

send them to the outlaying

with dignity and grace.


Raise ye, all the banner

of liveliness and light;

send it soaring outward

with your very might.


Soothe your shivering self

with His peace and loving grace,

and place a sacred blessing

to hold upon this space.


Return to peaceful slumber,

knowing light hath vanquished dark;

rest now, securely in His arms,

wrapped safely in His Holy spark.


Pool Of Tears


I am standing

in a pool of tears,

reflections staring back at me.


Sadness and heartbreak,

joy and happiness,

swirl together so silently.


Lost loves,

children stolen

by addiction and mental health.


Found friends,

reunited once more,

some of our greatest wealth.


Tears splash,

flowing down

into a river of sorrow.


As I paddle,

holding onto wings

of the Angel that I borrow.


There are days I sink,

overcome by pain,

unable to swim, I reach.


His hand, always there,

reaching down to me,

so the surface I can breach.


Sentimental feelings,

a fools cash, some say,

not worth holding onto.


Yet, there is laughter,

and joy that splash,

creating a ripply brew.


Time settles,

with the emotions felt

across so many years.


Always, I am reflected,

when I'm standing

in a pool of tears.


Smokey Hues Of Blue


Through smokey hues of blue,

the world reveals herself to me

and makes me to see;

unfolding gently,

sometimes wildly.


In a tango of conflict,

waves curl and roll;

crashing and thrashing

like an unsettled sea,

she dances.


Beckoning, she calls,

trying to lure me in,

with cloudless skies

and sunny days;

obscuring the deluge.


I, ever watchful

through my shades of blue,

see with clear vision

that which she would

disguise and conceal.


A misty haze gives way

to waterfalls and rainbows;

sparkling and dazzling,

the world in her glory;

creation revealed.


Yet, in her gentleness,

lays a tamed wilderness;

an oxymoron within itself,

for amid the colour, she resides,

within the smokey hues of blue.




LESLIE C DOBSON: Leslie is a Canadian Poet, Author, and an Inspirational and Spiritual blogger. She finds great joy in writing and sharing her works with others.  Her collection of works can be found on her website,

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