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Conversation Between Artists


No way to repeat

What God has given you:

Love, Wisdom,

Delight and Willpower

On a blue and white

waving veil.


In the nature

of dreams

we go alone

to the blue

of Тop.

We see


not with eyes.

With Providence

of Love.


Predicted Guest


I don't remember the name

which I gave you during the night,

before I was born

in the child

which I am now.

Before I went after the bread.

Before with unceasing dreams

to sculpt your features

in tenderness, strength and sparks.

And how does the road not stop.

I walk to my breath. And not alone.

And I seek the image disembodied

to put on a dream.


To Build Eternity


Even if Summer does not admit

(and Summer is my white shirt).

I dress up in a season of hugs.

And a gust of blue sea.

I dress my most beautiful clothes.

And I pacify Rosinante like a woman.

I throw away vanity, sadness, success.

I quiet down inside.

And I'm whole.

Life is an effort for two.

And a tangle of human steps.

Fantasy. And moments.

Collected by the higher

delight of our Spirit.

life is flying time,

has come from Heaven.

And the Earth with hopes.

And we - the viewers,

sent here to build Eternity

from our Faith.


Real Life Of Feelings


I paid

every joyful minute

with your distrust.

And words dissatisfied

accumulate sadness

from the autumn spheres.

Will we be able

to wait for

merry drops

go cavort.

The wind is cold.

And the passions

fly south.

And spend the winter.


Cany Etude


On the steps

of timelessness

the two of us set off.

With troubadour


And inspiration

from the Temple.

Walking around

on our souls.

So passionately


in the dark.

For each other.

And for our ancestors,

who brought Fire.

And Lava.

©Rozalia Aleksandrova



ROZALIA ALEKSANDROVA lives in Plovdiv. She was born in the town of Madan, Rhodopes - Bulgaria. She works as a teacher of Bulgarian language for foreign students at the Medical University in Plovdiv. She is the author of 11 poetry books: "The Home of My Soul" (2000), "Luminous Body" (2003), "The Secret of the Road" (2005), "Eyes of the Wind" (2007), "The Parable of the Key" (2008 ), "Conversation between Pigeons"(2010), "Sacred" (2013), , "The Real Life of Feelings"(2015), "Pomegranate from an Alien" (2016), "Brushy” (2017), "Everything I did not say" (2019) and "Selected poems" - Polish translation (2014, 2015, 2 editions). She is the editor and compiler of over thirty literary almanacs, anthologies, compilations and poetry books. Her poems and essays have been published in prestigious anthologies, almanacs, literary magazines and websites in Bulgaria, Europe and the world. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Society of Plovdiv Writers. She is the Honorary President of UHE and MMMEX for Bulgaria. She participates as a member of the Board of Directors of the prestigious international Poetry site "Atunis Galaxy Poetry" - Belgium. In 2006, together with her colleagues, she founded the poetic-intellectual association "Quantum and Friends" to promote quantum poetry in civil society, a Plovdiv and Bulgarian phenomenon. She is its chairman. In 2015, on her initiative and as the main organizer, she opened the first international poetry festival "SPIRITUALITY WITHOUT BORDERS", which for eight consecutive years at the end of May gathers poets from Bulgaria and the world to broadcast their poems in an environment of tolerance, friendship and love for the human word without borders. She is the winner of the 2022 CÉSAR VALLEJO International Prize for Literature. She is the winner of the "MAHATMA GANDHI" International Award for Leadership and Contribution to Peace - 2022, awarded to 35 figures of culture, art and literature from around the world by the UNESCO Commission. She is the winner of the 2022 Chinese Writers' Union Annual ZHENGXIN Prize for Foreign Poetry. In addition to being a poet, she is also a scientist. She deals with quantum and torsion theory in the fields of language, poetry, culture, medicine, philosophy and the methodology of science. She published a book of popular science essays "Let's open the door to the meaning or reflections of information science", Plovdiv 2015.


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