Thursday, June 1, 2023





Far from me, fate removed

the voice, smile and touch that I loved.

Yet hush my heart, weep no more

let no sorrow dim your core.

O, whisper to me, please teach me

to smile again as I am free.

When or where shall my soul retire,

not to burn with the heart on fire?

Me breath the thought as I turn my eye,

yet upon my breast, I can't lie!

I love thee and want thee still

in my silent grave, the nights are chill.

But I promise, and I know at last

when the long funeral will past

you will be mine once again before I go

as my greatest love or my bitterest foe.


(No More) Silence


No one can silence me;

I won't be stopped even by Death.

How many stars grew in the sea?!

I could say it in one easy breath:


A million! A dozen! Under the water you see

constellations fall on us, we are strangers

and none of them are for me or thee

just lost in a world that Lord arranges!


And yet, no one can silence me

nor can wrap my soul from dreams sublime

and though my thoughts often rest with thee

it’s only the balance in the hand of timid Time.




My essence of existence is born

where most die or have never been,

in a foreign land, in a foreign city,

in an ugly garbage dump,

on a completely meaningless dry ravine.


The chirp of all imagined Gods

wakes up where others fall asleep

with the music of a well-tuned piano

and my forty-three preludes and fugues.


My rebellious passion revives

with tiny thorns all over my skin,

while yours is depriving herself

of such simple pleasures,

in the crevices of desolate desires

where the restless dreams begin.


We will all meet again

in the gorge which we’ve never crossed,

to bring back the forgotten echo

of the life that had been lost.




FROSINA TASEVSKA was born in 1978 in Shtip, Macedonia. She writes poetry for both adults and children, haiku, and English poetry. Her poetry has been published in various magazines, anthologies, and electronic collections. She received numerous prizes for her poems. Published two poetry collections so far.

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