Thursday, June 1, 2023



Miserly You Will Go


A shivering homeless guard his cardboard

as a precious bed

but if his friend stretches out limbs on the ground

he gives it to him.

And you that hold riches, feelings

if you still have…

Possessions to embrace in your emptiness

soul vault

you will feel no need to share

in the stingy righteousness of your barren logic.

Than, to give others a piece

of you

it would be too human and unbecoming

Poor man…

Within your lonely and rich walls

of velvets and candelabra

there is no light to shine, not even for you


And when your last step yields to the

Divine world

Your memorabilia will remain between the worms of time

to wear out…

And no one will mourn a foolish loneliness

of a golden trench

but so shabby and useless.

Miser you will go to meet the ways

Of the beyond.


Sunflowers Of Lights


Sunflowers of light

I saw a field of sunflowers

under the immensity of blue skies.

Soon the sun will warm them

until they burn

but the splendor will quench their thirst

at sunset...

They will be alive

and harbingers of the colors of gold

of life which, in spite of everything

luxuriant unfolds

on our smiles.


They are sunflowers of light

keepers of our steps.


Love For Life


Love for life

it's a window always lit

in the colder dark of nights.

It’s a sweet stillness always


The lighthouse of our consciences.

And the sweet murmur of waters

now calm still lying on the moist

salt sand

then they crash on rocks naked


And I immerse my heart in this symbiosis

that keeps me still throbbing…

Ditched to the invisible wire…

It always held

my breath.

This is my love for life!




FRANCESCA PATITUCCI: She has been writing poetry for several years.  She is a teacher of English language and culture. She worked, for about twenty years, in a multinational in the field of Human Resources. She has two sons. Her passion for writing and reading was born from a young age. She is a lyricist for musical pieces, one of these present in a collection released last August 2022 by a well-known singer-songwriter from Palermo. She reviews books of her “pen-friends”, edits poetry collections and often sworn in literary competitions. She has obtained several important awards in the national and international competitions in which has participated and she’s present in various poetic anthologies, in monthly and daily magazines, writes monthly articles in an online magazine, and collaborates as an administrator in a facebook literary group, through weekly social workshops. She writes in a bimonthly magazine on various social and current affairs. She published a poetic collection. “Nuda l’anima in risacca” - Dragonfly Editions (November 2021). In Aptil 2023 she will publish the second poetic collection. “Dimensioni parallele” - Noiqui Editions. For her writing is a need that comes from the soul.


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