Thursday, June 1, 2023



* * *

I'm like a tightrope walker…

Where, why – no one understands.

To me – to be above the troubles – it is necessary to be high,

But everyday life does not raise high.


Taught to make do with little,

I'm still trying to touch eternity…

In my dream, my mother walks with me again.

And I, already in a dream, am afraid to wake up…


* * *

Я как канатоходец по канату…

Куда, зачем – никто не понимает.

Мне – чтобы выше бед – высоко надо,

Но будни высоко не поднимают.


Наученная обходиться малым,

Всё к вечности пытаюсь прикоснуться…

Во сне опять со мною ходит мама.

И я, уже во сне, боюсь проснуться…


Марина Безденежных


* * *

Did not coincide in space and time…

Is it possible to put on life like a smile?

My distant, alien, warm me up

Even for a moment, even for an hour, even for a day!


Then I turn to the Almighty with a plea,

Then I rebel – nothing is the law!

My alien, impossible, hear me

In any of the Earth languages.


* * *

Не совпали в пространстве и времени…

Можно ль жизнь, как улыбку, надеть?

Мой далёкий, чужой, отогрей меня

Хоть на миг, хоть на час, хоть на день!


То с мольбой обращаюсь к Всевышнему,

То бунтую – ничто не закон!

Мой чужой, невозможный, услышь меня

На любом из земных языков.


Марина Безденежных


* * *

We are in this sinister twilight,

Relying on faith in the Word,

Must save simple things –

Love and life.


* * *

Мы в этих сумерках зловещих,

На веру в Слово опершись,

Должны спасти простые вещи –

Любовь и жизнь.


Марина Безденежных




MARINA BEZDENEZHNYH: Bezdenezhnykh Marina Alexandrovna - poet. She was born in Omsk, USSR. She graduated from school, the philological faculty of Omsk State University, postgraduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, doctoral studies at Omsk State University. Poems were published in collective collections, almanacs, anthologies and magazines in Omsk, Tomsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. She is an author of 8 poetry books. She is the head of the regional literary association attached to the Omsk regional public organization of the Writers' Union of Russia. Marina Bezdenezhnykh is a winner of a number of regional and All - Russian literary awards.  She was awarded the medal "For Service to Literature" (2012). Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work of the Omsk Humanitarian Academy. Author of many scientific publications (articles, anthologies, manuals, etc.), the monograph "Language Portrait of the Omsk Poetry School: Vocabulary and Phraseology". She is a member of the Writer's Union of Russia since 1994, a board member of the Omsk regional public organization of the Writer's Union of Russia, a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Literary Omsk". МАРИНА БЕЗДЕНЕЖНЫХ

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