Thursday, June 1, 2023



Masters Of Pen And Word


Ah, masters of pen and word!

You are waiting for a speech and praise...

I'm ready to talk all night,

Only the listener would not be tired.


But what can I say in my defense,

I have lived a creative lesson,

I'm glad our date,

I have accumulated emotions for the future.


Masters of the pen and the word!

We learn from everyone and everything,

In poetry, the stanza is the basis,

It takes off, carrying us into the storm.


My stanza is live,

And the heart beats in unison,

I'm just a grain of sand in this world,

And the word is a scream and a groan!


And who has the gift of words,

He is doomed to eternal battle!

And I'm ready for this fight,

With myself, muse and fate.


And we are rich in this word!

We carry our gift and cross forward,

Not for the sake of fame and salary -

the spirit of Poetry leads us!




It's just, I miss you...

the warm evening smells like lilac,

And invitingly meeting lovers,

The Nightingale croon will grasp,

May evening, spring without being embarrassed.


May evening and a branch of lilac,

We inhale the scenes of flowers,

You lightly touched my knees,

And a hot desire embraced,

There are shadows on the green grass.


Your touches are so welcome.

I'm just going into the pool with my head,

Just, I can hear your breathing.

It turned out to be my fate,

Then, in love with me, your confession.


It's just that I miss you,

Every hour without you is no joy to me,

I'm drawing our meeting in my dreams,

And I hide a careless weakness,

Letting go into the hustle and bustle of the city.


Raise Your Eyes To The Sky

Подними В Небо Глаза

(Miniature Of A Thought)


Raise your eyes to the sky,


there, behind the clouds, glances,


seas are floating...

There float your thoughts,

your deeds,

your sins...

And you live on this sinless Earth

and consider it sinful,

while you constantly sin on this holy Land,

on the Planet,

the only blue planet in the entire universe.

Someday you too will fly among the clouds

and look down on people,

Who also live carelessly,


create ...

and nothing will become new

and interesting to you...

But suddenly

you will see a poet

painfully sorting out words,

choosing the right word

for the beauty of the poem.

And he will seem to you

the most beautiful person in the whole universe,

because he

lives the moment of enlightenment,

he lives in the torment of creativity,

which lives forever.




NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist, and songwriter. Author of 11 collections, more than 120 lyrics and 3.5 thousand poems, co-author in more than 120 international collections. The poems have been translated into 37 languages of the world and published in international anthologies in the languages of different countries. Honorary Figure of World Literature and Arts with the award of a silver badge. Takes part in the literary life of different countries. President of the International Literary Association "Creative Tribune" (MLATT). Academician of the International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art; Academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature; corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts. Honorary Member of the WRITERS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, Head of the German Branch of the SPCA, member of the International Union of Authors and Performers (ICAI). Member of the Cámara Internacional de Escritores & Artistas and the CIESART World Council (Spain). Member of the International Union of Writers, member of the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Poetry "SVETOCH", member of the International Guild of Writers (Germany), Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists, Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) / (ETG/ECG London). Advisor to the International publication of Chinese Literature (Hubei Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles), member of the Jury of international competitions, Ambassador of the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity (IFCH), Member of the European Council and the Intercontinental Advisory Committee RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III; Honorary President of "Thousand Minds for Mexico" and the international jury in Germany, Honorary Member of the Union of Spanish-speaking Writers (UXE). Multiple Grand Prize-winner and Laureate of international literary and music competitions; winner of several special international prizes; Holder of six international medals and orders, including under the auspices of UNESCO; the title of "Golden Feather of Russia", the title of MAESTRO, the title of MASTER of POETRY. The songs are performed on radio "Radar", "Recital", "Phoenix", "WE ARE TOGETHER", AUTORADIO, Radio OK, Radio NG, Talent Park, Ocean+, the video project "Intrigue show". Participant of TV programs on the channel "Artist TV".

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