Thursday, June 1, 2023





Sun, like a white-hot executioner’s block

rises slowly

over the alarmed smooth of the river.

The water seethes

in the iron arteries of the city.

People look in

at the damp eyes of the shops.

A breeze lazily goes through

the multicoloured beads of umbrellas.

The dome of Peter and Paul’s blazes,

like a freshly baked Easter cake.

The last shadows disappear

on the windblown, rough

face of the city,

and the thirst of eternity comes out

on the stone lips of the embankment.



I live in it.


Sabantuy Festival


The bank tore off –

there was a coloured frill on a sleeveless blouse.

The fishermen bristled

like seeds cast on tracks.

They’re preparing the young steed

for the festival.


We delight in

the colour of the warm buttermilk.




Don’t judge me so sternly,

lonely summerhouse.

I trail to you through a crack

like wild grass.


Has everyone forgotten

that the summerhouse is for conversation…

Only a little moon path

steals up to you.




OLGA LEVADNAYA is a world-famous Russian poet, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan (2008), laureate of all-Russian and international literary awards (2007-2022), member of Russian and international literary unions (1997-2022), Ambassador of Peace (2021), member of the Assembly of Peoples Eurasia (2023), artistic director of the Kazan Poetry Theater "Dialogue" (2016), creator and director of the Interregional Music and Poetry Festival "Handshake of the Republics" (2017-2023).

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