Thursday, June 1, 2023



The Gender Imbalance


If you go to anywhere,

You find men and men

And few women

Are they really small in number?

No, they are forced within

The four walls


Now 'thankfully',

Homes have lost two walls

And roof too is cracked

And we can see the eternal prisoners

Enjoying sunbath and fresh air

On the outskirts of the darker times


Men supply the shortages

Of female colleagues

With a powerful dose

Of imagination.

Which mind is free

From feminine fantasies?


If both the sexes had got

Equal opportunities,

Civilization would have

Fared (faired)better,

Than limping on one leg

The other tied with apron-strings.


They are neither weaker

Nor dependent on men,

Having endured untold suffering

They have proved their steadfastness

It is time to decide new mores

So that the balance is restored


Forget it only at your peril

For every boy, a girl is born

Somewhere in the world

No human crook can belie

Gods' sense of balance

Which we men both deny and defy.


Life Impulse


The most important body part

Of a new born

Which is checked first

Is its genital organs


Men (women too) feel

Incomplete and distraught

If reproductive organs

Are missing or misplaced.


Every being, human

Or sub-human,

Or even if it happens

To be a part of vegetation


Is charged with the life impulse

And those who

Cannot reproduce,

Find themselves unwelcome.


This impulse of creative joy

Is central to creation

And enjoyed

By the world, animal, aviary or vegetational.


As it gives joy too,

It keeps the participants

In a state of natural ecstasy

Absolute normalcy.


Alas! the human world

Could realise

Rationing of this impulse

Has turned us into wolves.


Where is our joy?

The ecstasies have gone,

Yielding place to orgies

Worked with drugs and intoxicants.


Is this what knowledge has done to us?

Departing from the kindly race

Of living beings,

Are we any the happier? Or better?


We have messed up with

Gender disparities

Our nights are assaulted

With drunken delight.


What is this wisdom

Whose centre is void of sense?

Do we want kids

Who don't carry the life impulse?


A New Epoch: The New Coming


Are we heading for a new Epoch?

Is the Kalyuga over?

Or in its dying state?

The way morals (internal strength) of the Society have given way.

We see it crumble layer by layer.


Can a new birth arrive

Unless the old goes off?

These are the last flashes of a dying civilization.

Let us become active agents of the new robust civilization.

If we think a Satyuga will come,


There is no clinical division between the two

Things start changing.

Minds change their thinking

People realise the dead systems

And feel tired of their deadness

And start thinking of renewing themselves.


When weather changes,

Only leaves are affected,

The tree is not uprooted or replanted.

The tree of life will bear new leaves.

How can the transformation take place?


Just think of ethics. Return to morals.

Stop polluting the thought systems

Of our world.

Let us reunite with the cosmic impulse.

Identify the processes which kill us

And stop in our shoes.




Dr. JERNAIL SINGH ANAND is Founder Chairperson of the Ethical Universe: International Academy of Ethics which is a forerunner of the upcoming Univ. of Ethics. He is an Honorary Member of the Association of Serbian Writers and Prof Emeritus in Indian Literature at The European Institute of the Roma Studies and Research Belgrade.  Dr Anand has authored more than 150 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy. He is credited with the theory of Biotext in critical theory. His work has been translated into more than twenty world languages. Author of 9 epics which are regarded as modern classics, Anand has organized 4 International Literary Conferences, latest of them, in Chandigarh. He was conferred Franz Kafka Laureateship 2022 and International Aco Karamanov Poetry Award 2022 (Mecedonia).

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