Thursday, June 1, 2023



Dear Angel


Don’t be angry, dear angel,

I am tired… A little bit…

Did not have a rest in ages:

Brutal fights are all I did.

I will rest and, please, believe me,                     

Will be fighting days and nights.                         

Dear angel, please, don’t leave me,

Stay with me in future fights…


Two Stars


The half of the moon stays in frozen dawn…                                   

All stars hid in heavenly still.

The space and the time put the huge mural on,

Where soul's able fly and fulfill...

Creator plays game in invisible hall -

He makes new and marvelous scenes.

I look at the people through strange crystal ball

It, probably, came from my dreams...

Two stars are the brightest on heavenly sky

Life's being the one, and the other is Death.

And sooner or later I will have to fly

To latter one. Nevertheless...




You look at early morning sky,                          

At blue and lovely eyes, I look.

Delight and tears in your eyes -

I try to read them like a book.


There are remains of past event,

An echo of the last night dream.

Sky-blue sapphire your eyes present,

And our love's the latest gleam.


I look at you like tender beggar,

Your tears I gently wipe away.

We are like Alpha and Omega-

Two stars, that travel passion way.




SERGEY ANTIPOV: Moscow. Head of the Moscow region union of Russian writers, Poet. Academician of Russian academy of natural sciences.


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