Thursday, June 1, 2023



Do The Bell Toll Children?


Tell, Hemingway

For whom the bells toll now

I don’t think it’s for Madrid streets

Siren sounds evoke

Screams of Mesopotamia

On the poems of Lorca

Blue-eyed, black-eyed and

Green otter-eyed children

Wake up during sunrise

While blue sky emits

First lights to the world

Baghdad burns in embers

Fog of a bomb

Blocks the sun

Children wants to see the sun

Time is almost over

All hopes will be plunged into darkness

They will not play skittles

On the narrow streets of Baghdad



For whom the bells will toll this time

Cold and dark fear will surround

Childrens’ eyes

They won’t comb their hair

Across the mirror

A crazy whistle will surround

A piece of iron will inflict wounds on their bodies

In the cruelty of life

In Bagdath or

In anywhere else




Autumn is here

The wind is blowing warm

The leaves are laying down one by one

Upon the earth

They quietly and calmly

Meet the brown earth.

Oh, you yellow leaf,

Where do you show your soul?

If you would just give me a sign though.


He Train


Here is the train leaving

Then again

One more

My hopes are like wagons

They are all gone one after another.

The waiting room is full then empty again

Every time

The arriving passengers greeted the waiting ones

Yet I was not greeted

Just like my hopes.

It's only me now

In this empty waiting room

And the waiting hours that don't seem to run

And my lost hopes.


Being Free


In my mountains

I will be free

Where all the fake things

Are free of emotions.

As long as I'm still breathing

I will shout

In a festive mood

Everything that will happen

I will laugh at and I will get through it

I will grass in the cool waters

In the bosom of a river

Since always.

Even if they say we're cold

I won't mind

Because I will be free

From all these false feelings

And love.



ARSLAN BAIR je rođen 1958. godine u selu Bair, Alanja, Antalija. Osnovnu školu završio je u selu, srednju i srednju školu u Alanji, a obrazovni institut u Denizliju. 1999. godine završila je dodiplomski studij na Univerzitetu Anadolu, odsjek za turski jezik. Objavio je 35 knjiga iz oblasti pesničke priče, istraživanja i književnosti za decu. Dobio 25. Međunarodni 8 nagrada u Turskoj. Njegovi članci, pesme i priče objavljeni su u časopisima i novinama u 42 zemlje. Vlasnik je Baigec Publishing-a i časopisa Current Time.


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