Thursday, June 1, 2023



Enchanted Plains


To define the land of enchanted plains

Where mountain peaks rise into heaven,

And seas, rivers, streams drink the rains;

Beasts roam the land’s altering leaven.

Men armed and battle ready; do patrol

The sacred stairs to the king’s grand castle,

Set upon the highest hill to control

Savages n’ thieves; the kingdom’s hassle.

A critical force, is its protection.

Perception of one’s eye, is enraptured

Of the grand view and water’s reflection

Of one’s inner soul’s intention captured.

For reasons, obvious, the beasts and king

Vigilance due treachery; armies bring

Sacred stability for all to cling.

©️Stacia Lynn


Whiskey Road


Whiskey road etched

A map in my mind

A road of wonder

A curve of anticipation

Around the bend.

Oh Whiskey Road,

I pray there's no end

To your beauty

Autumn, Winter, Spring or Fall

You will continue

To lead me down

Another adventure:

Of joy

Of peace

Of solitude.

Grace me with thy presence

A walk or a drive

Steady me.

It's where I am me

Where God intended me to be

On Old Whiskey Road.

©Stacia Lynn


Wooden Boat


In the distant horizon

The eye can perceive,

A lone wooden, crafted boat

Made with chapped hands, upon the sea.


Worn throughout the years;

Years of long suffering.


Made the ocean

In which the boat floats upon

With his tears.


Some shed in joy

Some shed in sorrow

The ocean which was made,

In solitude he borrows.

The Ocean…

His place of serenity

In which he seeks God.

He drifts with the soft blowing breeze

As the horizon settles;

Burning the sky

With its hues of golden orange

And garnets, that lowlights

The evening chasm on high.


Found in the wooden, crafted boat

Afloat upon the ocean of tears;

Thanks God,

For all his various seasons

And his many years.

©️Stacia Lynn




STACIA LYNN: Writer, Poet, Developmental and Creative Freelance Editor, member of the Advisory Board of Our Poetry Archive, and the Published Author of Escape Down the Roman Road, A Poetic Journey Through Life, The Enchantment, and is also published in many Poetry Anthologies worldwide, including Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry. Stacia is also a licensed Chaplain and Life Coach. Stacia began her English degree at Owens Community College, USA, then continued her BA in English through the University of Phoenix, USA. Stacia’s life’s goal and dream is to encourage others with her words; witness peace, love and harmony among all mankind; and smile contagiously until the Earth’s Sun ceases to shine; a smile is contagious! Stacia’s book Escape Down the Roman Road is available at West Bow Press,, Books- A- Million, and Barnes and Noble. Her poetry book, The Enchantment, is available at Our Poetry Archive can be accessed at, and Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry is available at


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