Thursday, June 1, 2023



Allegory Of Spring


 The zephyr blew and woke Venus bathed in rose water

 Botticelli put on the fine cloak of spring beauty,

 the brightness of the eyes, the solar rays on Cupid's bow

 under the grace of Persephone's feet, the poppies bloomed,

 they paint the sky blue for the swallows

 flying to earth to make people happy.


Fingers Of The Wind

               (A Little Breath of Edgar Poe)


Fingers of the wind,

hesitantly knock on the window in the night

sometimes scary and sometimes anxious

outside the gates chaos envelops time

without stars,

         without moon,

so much so that you think that the wind cannot bring good news.


Out of sadness, asks for morning to come quickly

and then may the wind blow freely

but the night is long and at every tick

together with the wind composes a lullaby.





walk together

and the words that the day gathered through walls of teeth

at night the fingers of the wind scatter them.

to not bring any unwanted news...


The Streets That Wore My Shoes


The streets that wore my shoes

left me barefoot

I don't know if it is so I follow them.

Unnder the foot, footprints,

               under the footprints, a song,

                           under the song, words

                                     under the word, a Babel

                                                           and further,

a Noah's ark descending to earth


wet tracks towards a long walk.


Where gods wake and die

in the twilight of suns.


And I follow my paths bleeding

I fall and rise even though...

the streets that wore my shoes

left me barefoot.


* Translated Into English By Alba Xhava




MIRELA LEKA XHAVA: (Albanian-French) Mirela Leka Xhava, was born, in the city of Elbasan, Albania.  She graduated in Albanian Language and Literature and worked as a Librarian at the University of the city. She also collaborated as a correspondent for the newspaper "Elbasani". In the end of the year 1999 her first book "I do not love winter in the eye" was published. She has published poetry in several national and international literary magazines recently. She also participated in several contests and anthologies and received different evaluations positives. At the same time She deals with translations from French for several literary magazines in Albania. In September of this year, her last book of poems "Flowers of the Montesquieu Street" was published. Lives and works in Bordeaux -France with her family since 2002.


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