Thursday, June 1, 2023





The barefoot mirror screams,

      hug me

         i'm dying!

 look at their roots

     its environment

         her footprints



 I understand



          it is



And The Coffee Does Not Run Out


A coffee today was not enough

to silence the nostalgia,

you sat with me

and we mourned your absence,

the sky helped,

the raindrops

camouflaged the tears

the neurons cried

the eyes

the lips

the heart

and even the soul...


—The soul that knows patience

of waiting

of flowing

from seeing me so much,

also cried, she cried.


Sip by sip

the cup overflowed,

the bitter sweet

was lost in the salt


and the sky is still raining

as my eyes are still raining

my neurons

my mouth

my hands

my soul...


Sit with me

to mourn your absence

that time has stopped

and the coffee does not end ...


Mulieres In Albis


Silent are the cries

of deformed letters

which seek to emerge

from forgotten grottos,

ancient chapels

raised over our sacred stones.


Cries that mingle




of childish rains

of furious torments,

of imprisoned electricity,

of sparkling flashes,

and majestic thunderclaps.


The message arrives

the apprentice gets up

the shofar sounds

and the witches’ coven emerges

with white garments,

sweet-smelling herbs,

and the wise words

of our grandmothers… like armaments.


Ready… with the iron-heart,

the armament of tulle

but strong as titanium,

bravely waves our standard

made of skin, dew, hair

gathered from the roadside

of every experience of ours.


Experiences which today remind us

that they were necessary,

passing through open fire

in order that wings may be born,

grow and expand,

sustaining the ideals

which today flow

like open streams.




RAMINA HERRERA: (Born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru, 1979), held Business Administration at the National University of Trujillo (UNT). Businesswoman, she feels more like a Poet by vocation. She obtained an Honorable Mention in the Floral Tales of the UNT 2002 with the story "WHEN THE JASMINE BLOSSOMS”. The collection of poems "Memories of the Unborn" was published online by the magazine "VOICES" of Spain in 2002. In 2007 she published the poetry book  “NOCTURNAL SOLITUDE AND OTHER POEMS”(under the Katequil Editores publishing label), in 2021 he published on AMAZON the collections of poems "LEI NAD 42:21", “MOON WOMAN”, “NOCTURNAL SOLITUDE AND OTHER POEMS” second edition (digital); in 2022 she published “CONFESSIONS TO THE DAWN", all under the publishing label EDICIONES KUELAP Lima – Peru; the collection of poems, “INTER ROSAE ET MORI”, under the seal AYAME EDITORIAL- Several of her poems have been part of anthologies: "PATHS OF POETRY (Cajamarca 2006), BLUE, THE BLUE SEA (Bangladesh 2022) ART BLISS (India 2022) CONFESSIONS, SHOUT FROM THE SILENCE (Mexico 2022),  THE GODDESS THANA (Kërçova, North Macedonia 2022 UNSPOKEN WORDS (Banglades, febrero 2023). The acclaimed and renowned poet from Cajamarca (Peru) William Guillén Padilla writes about her poetry: “We are proud of his maturity and perseverance, eloquent and fluent command of language, for the topics covered and for his manifest lucidity, Ramina Herrera, emerges with singular writing, to be inscribed, on her own merit, in the book of notable Peruvian poetry"


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