Thursday, June 1, 2023





Think a while in silence..

For those who loved you

more dear…

For they are the ones,

who will never weaken you up!

when life is not so clear,

close your eyes and come

to my arms dear!

Let your soul fly above

The horizon!

Where there are no clouds!

No dust! no drought!

Life there is so clear!

Don’t lose the chance my dear…

And… I will clean the rocks

of your road,

to find it easy when you come!

I’ll beg the birds, the winds

even the weather…

To have some help when you fly!

I’ll tell the Nature to be pretty

to smell the perfumes of my land,

When it’s time to fly away…

I’ll spread the colours of my sky!


My faithful friend…

Thank you for the trial…

For the directions…

For the discoveries…

For your struggle on the way

to our friendship…

This will be forever!


Beyond Borders


Life knows no borders…

Barbed wires hurt me

Because I was born Free!

My life…resembles the sea,

And like a sea it stretches

Enveloping my mother

The Earth!...and my Brothers!

Who live scattered under the sun.


Life knows no borders….

Because I was born to live


To love!

To breath!

To create!

To conquer!

To share!

To dream!

To carry on!

And dance the dance of peace.


Because life knows no borders….

Because barbed wires hurt me!

Because my brothers

live scattered far and wide,

because I was born Free

and Free I shall remain!

Dancing the dance of peace

alongside my brothers

who live scattered near and far….

Because we are Free!


Certain Sundays


On certain Sundays

the birds on the street

our joy welcomed…

It was spring then!

I shall never forget the musings

with the lapping shore

the song that together we heard…

But it was spring then!

The wildflowers spraying

their fragrance everywhere and the grass

spreading its arms

to you and me…

It was spring full blown!

But winter too was spring!

Those winter Sundays

felt like spring

to you and me…

The golden yellow leaves sparkling

sprawled across our paths…

That’s where I shall go to sprinkle them

with the dew from my eyes…

For thus shall I hold on to

the winters and spring alike.


For I can let my tears


I am not afraid…

Yes! I shall never forget the winter Sundays

that felt like spring

to you and me…

When birds would sing

through nights everlasting

when the Skies would wear their best

to welcome us…

The logs on the fire struggling

our gazes to keep warm

and all of nature swathed in light…

For you and me.

Once it was spring

with you and me!




RANIA ANGELAKOUDI: She was born in Kronaberg Sweden where she spends plenty of her time. She had the opportunity to meet people and places in her different trips exchanging ideas among other artists regarding life, man and Mother Nature she loves too much! Her studies in English Literature and language helped her to meet the international  Poets  in combination with the Greeks. Her thoughts have been influenced by them as a result she created her own poetical path. Being invited at the poetic festivals in Singapore, Tawian and Hayderabad in India from cultural authorities her poems taking part in international and national anthologies and competitions this offered her significant awards. Some of the most important are: Ιn2015 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of  culture based in  Ankona. She was awarded in a special ceremony in  Museo della citta and she is the unique Poetess in Greece who has received that honour. She has nominated as the ‘Icon for World Peace’ in November 2016 for the devotion of her penwork to peace. Later in January 2017 she was titled Peace Ambassador at large for Greek and Swedish Branches for World Institute for Peace global organization. She has contributed work to a number of national and international Collections and Anthologies. Via her writing path she was announced a member in honor from FIJET union of Journalists based in France. Her books can be found in the historical library Stadsbiblioteket in Stockholm and her poems have been translated into Italian, Swedish, Bosnian, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian, Arabic, English, Hindi of India and Slavic language.


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