Thursday, June 1, 2023



To Become Night


Under the heavenly mantle

I dream of the shadow of the earth

and its smell of almond


I want to lie on the grass

leave my body adrift

to look at the sky

to discover the passage of insects

like little fairies


If I had the sea right now

I would fill my body with its foam

discover your slow touch

like the clouds that leave their vaporous wake

like the birds that touch with their wings

the shores of twilight.


My heart beats looking for your eyes

to the rhythm of the night

your eyes that are infinite abysses

and to be able to walk through the deepest halls of my dreams.


Dark Root


Repeat offender, dilated light

through the glass of the night,

scent of lily,

silent offering of desire.


In its dark roots

I am magnetized

I am vulnerable limits,

the labyrinth of delirium


Like a cloister of bonfires,

the vague flame

demarcates the vast riverbed

of my senses


In the intimate cave they intertwine

impenetrable cosmos

in the gloomy silence

of the collapsed night.


Of The Everyday


Great flow of words that are embroidered

on wood, asphalt and wind.


that silent sap

pierces bodies

in the nocturnal opacity.


In their impenetrable niches

intertwined memories of silence and oblivion,

dark ruins

that time founds


In the ethereal exile of things,

the fragrant land,

the soft aura of his step,

the flight of spores.


Of the sparkles: the crystalline look,

light that embeds itself and envelops the walls,

geraniums on the terrace.


The deep echo of his warm, mature voice.

filters into the limits of the afternoon,

and in the thick branches of the trees.


In the apparent silence

that floods the corners

messy rumors break out,

uncertain boredom.


How to inhabit the shadows?




MARLENE PASINI: Mexico. Communicologist, psychotherapist, Egyptologist, writer, poet, visual artist. Cultural Director of the IFCH, Morocco, President of the Mexican Academy of Modern Literature, Counselor of the Taghrid Fayad Cultural Forum, Egypt. Doctor Honoris Causa, IFCH. Multiple international recognitions.

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