Thursday, June 1, 2023



While Hearts Are Beating


 While they shoot at each other,

 their hearts still beat,

 regardless of thoughts without tears,

 all kinds of ideas, only fears,

 with the only goal, to hit!


But hearts do not think,

do not guess, rather,

they know very well

and they have power,

while they hold the key to life,

they also connect

with other hearts,

wherever they are

and whichever side they are on...


They beat,

and we are not interested in that magic,


it's how we were taught,

that it's just an organ,

but not the lighthouse

and the only one

navigator through life,

which we must follow,

and without it, we are lost

in the middle of the unknown sea...


In the duality of separation,

through the prism of subjectivity,

for us are visible and separated,

only: "They", "We",

and in the middle of everything,

our lost and vulnerable "I"!


While hearts are beating,

they are still shooting and hitting...


all until


hearts are beating...

©® Zlatan Demirović-USA


Universal Chords


In plural being, all exudes peace and harmony.

In accordance with unstable

and stable currents,

which flow through waterfalls

of infinite dimensions

in the final calm of resolved tensions.


No tension, or longing for


no resolution is created,

with intention and with the goal

of returning to the peace of prosperity.


The stone of existential stumbling blocks,

through magical sound

unresolved chords,

full of creative potential

plunges through whirlpools and geysers

lakes of timeless stability

and final relaxation Wednesday

bringing the road to an end.


The universal mind composes that symphony!

Decreased chords, raises, and downs,

are planetary systems, which tend to

towards unification into galaxies.

Sad vibrations of nostalgic moles

bear the shadow of the unfulfilled,

sometimes neglected scores,

interplanetary bridges of minor tonic

full of aspirations for the expansion of the chromatics of joy.


In the record of that Great Work,

everything gravitates towards a safe path

dominant chords.

But there is no smoke and mays,

which, as if calling for action

universal full consciousness,

which carelessly hovers in an endless whirlwind

microparticles of stardust.


And all that until the final crescendo

and explosions of the universal core

with the birth of new stars

in the dominant-winning major ...



I would have to tell you everything again,

But, by some miracle,

I always run out of words ...

©® Zlatan Demirović


Is It The End


Is this the end or just a beginning?

The moss of civilization,

god like creation, spicily conducted by Lucifer’s baton,

spills the green landscape of speck dust, blue ball.


“Why we must die,”

a philosopher asked his audience at the funeral.

Without dying, the Universe will be just a museum,

replied the Nowhere, crying for the wounded bird

fluttering its wings in the middle of the road.


Why should we live such a short life,

obese man just asked, sunk into his comfort.

The journey of experience is endless and reversible,

screamed the raven from the gravedigger’s shoulder.


Whatever else it comes from this frontal-lobe.

thinking brain today,

I would say,

I really love these flashy broken mornings-

interwoven with the endless ocean breathing...

©® Zlatan Demirović




ZLATAN DEMIROVIĆ: Bilingual book writer, novelist, critic, internationally acknowledged poet, and trilingual translator (English, Czech, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbin languages). * The founder of PRODIGY LIFE ACADEMY and author of the PRODIGY LIFE PROGRAM, which serves as a platform for spiritual and personal development. * Founder and Editor in Chief of PRODIGY PUBLISHED-USA. * Founder and Editor of PRODIGY MAGAZINE-USA. Translated into: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hindu, Bengal, BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Albanian, Dutch, Hausa Nigerian, Arabic, Aleut (Alaska), Pakistan, Bahasa-Indonesia, Kurdish, Persian, Azerbaijan, Tajik, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Tamil, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Assam, and more, on the way.

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