Thursday, November 1, 2018




Time never sleeps,
So we don't need to weep,
For as long as love is there,
You will be beautiful and great,
Whether you say or don't say,
Truth will remain the same,
Whether you prove it or not,
it is the same anyway,
Why worry for tomorrow ?
Why opinions of others borrow?
Think of today in peace,
Time and truth never cease.
Time has many strange tales to tell,
Some don't have time to dwell,
Some don't know to spend a day
An invisible force in a powerful  way,
No regret can change the truth,
Acceptance and forgiveness is smooth,
Some relations have to be lost,
Peace has to be achieved at any cost,
Time is a great test to expose the drones,
To reveal who are truly closely own,
The fake and false are bitterly shown,
Struggles of life will lead to comfort zone.


Why does it happen that a stranger smiles?
After walking for miles and miles
Haunts you forever in your mind
We keep searching for reasons to be kind.

Why does a random handshake matters?
It lights up your day and flatters
A simple meal of love on your platter
Is fulfilling like when thirsty you need water.

Why does a hug give comfort immense?
The gesture of bodies crossing the fence
Contentment of existence in belongingness
You become one without any defence.

I have adopted the stranger's style
When I see sadness I kindly smile
I hug anyone who needs to cherish
Any hungry mouth I feed to relish.


Words are verbal expression of humanity
A fine delivery of pure creativity
A precious gift to be used cautiously.

Words are pearls from mouth of wise,
Words should be for truth not for lies,
Warring words bring distressed cries.

Words speak volumes about the speaker,
Words can be a treasure for the seeker,
People can be misunderstood if weaker.

Let's be sensible in communication ,
Words are pious prayers in devotion,
Words of visionary great and golden.

Let's use words of inspiring light
Words can be wrong or right
Speak against injustices with might.

Let's use words in love and compassion
Spreading comfort and happiness
World is fascinated by words of passion.


Pray for a garden of harmony and peace
Pull out the weeds and dream in your sleep
Shovel the trash that from sidewalk spills
Like a Nature lover gather dried leaves.

Stumble with kindness through the streets
Feed the hungry and give them a treat
Comfort the tired , sick or old you meet
Guide the lost and sow good deeds.

With each breath in believe in justice
With each breath out hope and cherish
Faith in humanity intact seems foolish
Discrimination and inequality only perish.

Pray for drivers and everyone riding on a bus
When you walk to your your car for your work
That nothing blows our legs and skulls
Waiting in a queue is also where danger lurks.

A world where life is gambled everyday
Fighting hostility gently is the only way
Cruelty creates scars forever to stay
The Earth revolves on wheels to pray.

Pray to whoever you believe is divinity
Pray to the creator for entire humanity
Singing the choir with universal melody
Pen a song to conduct a peace symphony.


Human beings live a complex reality
Despite the knowledge of their mortality
Bound up by with social threads tapestry
Claiming fame for gimmicks of immortality.

A man carries immense energy inside
Retains power to do good or bad outside
Lofty whims and wishes dominate his life
After tenure ends nothing is worthwhile.

A desire to be the Moon without his own light
Blood stained hands stealing others right
Kidnapped many stars to look so bright
Ill gotten name and fame shall die one night.

Everything is short-lived nothing to stay
Death will remind these greats one day
Certificates of achievements shall not burn his pyre anyway
There is no room for pride and allies anyway.

Time deals with such people fair and square
One who reversed the meaning of words
Created a rift with discrimination in the world
The bell shall toll and his body shall be dumped.

A caretaker he is on this planet for a while
Let's feel the duality and open history file
Open the door of wisdom by looking at the past
No tyrant lived long nor empires last.

It is better to awake before you fall
Instead of accumulating laurels on the wall
Amity and kind deeds shall stand tall
Love and goodwill live crossing borders all.


Take an honest look within,
Embrace the beauty and the beast ,
Detachment cannot exist,
When we have a sense of ownership.

Our attachment lends fake beauty to things,
Blinded with false pride of possession,
We often fail to see ugliness in being,
Deluded by prejudice remain in blissful ignorance.

Divine life starts with impartial motives,
Estimating intentions to practice purpose,
That lie behind our thoughts, words and deeds,
This impartial introspection sow true seeds.

Self analysis and self criticism are hard tasks,
At every stage self conceit, egoistic self congratulates,
Covers our faults, shortcomings deception,
The best time witness is not easy to accomplish.

At close of the day remains of activities,
A restful repose floods mind at ease,
The sacred hour for negation, assertion,
Seek to discover weaknesses, faults in transaction.

The psychological person in you is receptive,
The first analysis may seem like narration,
The ideal life lived by God is inimitable,
Fake charm of ego is then vividly perceptible.

Process of detention is to empty undivine contents,
On the wasteland of despair is threshold of advancement,
Inner reformation is revelation of the day,
Submission is the secret of invoking divine grace.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR:  Author of twelve original Poetry books , Jyotirmaya Thakur is the first Indian born poetess to be published by Real Vision Aspirant Writers Publication,UK. An award winning author and poet ,she has served as a Vice -Principal (retired ) of an international school in India, an editor, translator, reviewer, researcher, columnist,public speaker , Reiki Master , Spiritual and social activist. More than a dozen research papers published, her poems have been translated in various international languages. Her third coffee table pictorial book -”Feminine Portraits “,is under publication.She is the President of Expressive narrative prose poetry forum, Chief counsellor of 7 Poetry forums , administrator of 15 , member of jury of 7 and invited as judge for English Co -curricular activities in schools & colleges .An executive member of the educational magazine LITERATI . She is a member of Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of UK, where her poems are exhibited in various art galleries, Literary clubs and  public places .

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