Thursday, November 1, 2018




My dear aunt
I want to know about my mother
I want to know about her
Like people said about her
A beautiful woman with strength like Goddess

My dear aunt
I found a diary
With a brownish shabby cover
There are thousands of words along with the date of writing
And I know if it's my mother's writing who never I knew...

My dear aunt
Tell me
Why did my mother leave me?
Why did she do that?
Wasn’t that time just mine?

My dear aunt
If you let me to ask
I want to see her face
Not long

My dear aunt
In the mother's diary
I did not find a face that I missed
I want to imagine her face
So that my longing isn’t be a pain...

My aunt....
I have a question for you
Why did my mother walk away when I arrived to the world?
Why did she left me behind without saying anything?
Didn't I really need her at that time?

Oh my dear mother....
I know now your reason for leaving me
Auntie said all about you
I can only cry sadly
If you really love me.....

I beg you
Tell God in heaven
I'm not angry with Him
Because I know God needs you more than me...
Autor Rini Valentina


The sun is not too high yet
The light that is divided is still friendly touches the heart
There is even a beautiful smile on the lips of the sun
Watch a little girl with a happy geese with her.

There is a desire to touch them
But fear if a little girl and the geese are getting hurt
There is a feeling that is quietly shaking spoiled in the heart of the sun
Ah if I had children like them down there.

The sun tries to ward off the naughty clouds
He don’t want his eyes blocked
He wants always watching a little girl with geese are playing together.
So cheerful and happy.

The sun is getting a little disappointed
The sun shouts at the wind to help him to get rid of the clouds are that still insist
He wants to spend his time with free watching eyes
The little girl with the little geese on the edge of a small river.

The sunlight is getting dimmer and blocked by clouds that don't want to leave
Even though the wind forces and disturbs them
In order to pass to give the sun time with the beauty of scene below
The clouds dont care because they want to immediately spill the rainwater that have been stored for a long time

With a disappointed heart
The sun gives up with a hurt sad face
And tomorrow
Here in the same place, the little girl and geese will return to chatting together.
Ah unfortunately
The sun doesn't know and doesn't realize
If tomorrow the little girl would never return by the creek to play just like today
Because God loves her more in heaven with everlasting love......
Indonesia Borneo, August 13, 2018 (03.20am)
Writer Rini Valentina
Country Indonesia


To the full moon in October
I deliberately wrote about longing
A taste that might be difficult to explain with a physical or chemical formula
Or I explain the math the number of calculation
Moreover, I was not an algebra expert with a calculator that was always in my hand
I just tried to say what I felt when my heart longed for the past
When the eyes caught the shadow of your face that passed when the dusk came at that time
You shook my hand
With a soft smile at your beautiful lips and mentioned your name clearly

To the full moon at the same evening in the October
I remember your presence when you entered in my life
There is a feeling of tightness in the chest that slices the soul
There is pain that scratch in my soul
There is a cry that I hold back
I don't want my tears to spill like rain patter
Because I know
You don't want there if I go back to drowning in the pain of pinching
Hurt because of fate does not want to be a close friend

To the full moon in October eight years later
I stood now staring at the dim evening because the sun was getting ready to go home
The twilight where I met you
And I know
Those memories will always be stored in my chest
Even though the time has long passed and I have found your successor
I can't throw it all away
Even though you have allowed my heart to have a new name that is more beautiful than yours
The name that now fills my soul and there is a promise to spend the rest of my life with her...
Indonesian Borneo, 12 August 2018 (19.30pm)
Country Indonesia


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