Thursday, November 1, 2018




Mild tamed and on a leash
Without the enamel of a time
A silly smile on his face
That masks the blackmail suffered
If this is love
Blessed is he who can do without it ..
Mild tamed and on a leash
A fish out of water
Harlequin in Lent
to expiate non-existent faults
to drive back
Sparks of life
Glimmers of tenderness
Breath of independence ...
Do you remember?
Love requires courage.


To pretend your death
It seemed like a Titans’ business.
To the initial despair
To the real confusion
Took over the clear certainty
Of your inconsistency
Of incompatibility
Between imaginary (mine)
and emptiness of soul (yours).
Tricks of magician in your days
Worship of the catwalk in your clicks.
My anger was easy to tarnish
while you were wearing with silence and grin
the mediocrity of comfortable alliances.
It was the way out that you chose
to make no light in your heart
Empty bark you will remain
where no nightingale will do its nest.
I recited the eternal requiem between us
and no more matters in which infernal circle
you will crash.
The penalty of the counterpoint
Is that while you’re still alive
you will face your guilt.


The Carnival looks out
at the same piece of sea,
right there where
I could have been happy.
Foam of alchemical feeling
carried me away
from everyday pain.
But then I went back to the crime scene
with the little lantern
in order to not hurt me .
And yet the same crazy splinters
of an omnipresent love
they rip old wounds
And it was only fault of my steps
trained themselves to reiterate trust
in the most sterile of illusions,
that of being loved
despite my weaknesses.


If this is love ...
Tell me
My little star..
Of course
You called her so
As all the cowards
I met are used to do.
I’m Noemi ‘s mother
I'm the mother of his executioner.
Goodbye my little star.
May your light
Be a lamp
over my footsteps
Where every coward satellite
Obstructs the path
In the dark night
Of this perverse humanity.


CLAUDIA PICCINNO was born in the south of Italy in1970, but she moved very young in the north of Italy where she currently lives and where she teaches in a primary school. Operating in more than one hundred anthologies, even abroad (India, Malesia, Singapore, Turkey,Usa,Poland,China) she’s a former member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes. She is author foreground with effect in June 2015 in the World Group Pentasi B, and In Oup archives international since May 2016, she works to promote poetry based on respect and appreciation of differences, she fights to prevent gender predjudices. She has received awards in major national and international competitions of poetry, including an honorable mention in the Paris 1st Word Literary Prize and a 3rd prize in Lugano, Switzerland, 3rd prize in Albania; She has been the first italian poetess to be awarded with The Stelae of Rosetta, World Literary Prize in Istanbul on November 2016. .She was conferred Pentasi awards in Ghana,and in India. Since February 2018 she was conferred honour aknowledgement as editorial member of Indian cultural centre Sahitya Anand ISSN2320-5075/UGC APPROVAL NO.64372 RNI REGISTRATION Mahmul2014/49894 She was conferred with the most prestigious award “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, on April 2017.” Winners at Naji Naaman's literary prizes 2018, Libano. She is member of Advisor committee of Exquisite Teachers Training Plan of National Changua University of Education, from august 1st 2018 to July31, 2019. She was special guest for Europe at FemininIstanbul festival in October 2017. She was special guest at Belgrado Book Fair and at Matica,29 october 2017. She was special guest for Italy in Istanbul Unesco Poetry Festival,20-23 march 2018. Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). On June 2016, she was art director in an art & poetry international exhibition called June in Italy She is italian editor for the international literary magazine Rosetta World Literatura in Turkey and for  Atunis Magazine in Albania. She usually writes for Oup archives, Setu literature magazine She has also written numerous  critical essays or prefaces about other poets’ books. She has translated from English into italian language lots of authors. She lately got a gold medal for poetry at Lunigiana Center of Study about Dante Alighieri. She cooperates with her verses to some art catalogues. Her poems have been translated into Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian, French, Chinese, Hindi,Greek, Polish languages.

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