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All we dream about heaven are based on fiction we know;
But it is a grand dream to enjoy forever to be happy..!
Considering the way we enjoy pleasure, it's within us only;
Dreams, vision and imagination make this enjoyment complete!

Everyday we are actually enjoying this heavenly pleasure;
Full satisfaction is what everyone is trying to achieve;
Great efforts are being made to get satisfaction complete;
Heaven is in the enjoyment of pleasure we have in paradise!

Internationally searching, we have so many places of paradise;
Joy of heaven we indeed have in such places of Nature beautiful;
Keeping in touch with loving people in big parks of Nature we
Like with our full heart we can surely have heaven within reach!

Morning or night is immaterial to enjoy such a pleasure forever;
Nothing is beyond human endeavour as happiness is within our hands!
Open heart talks with loved ones will taken one to heaven immediate;
Pleasure physical is short and intellectual one is sustainable ever!

Question about spiritual pleasure is lasting forever more than all;
Real lasting pleasure is spiritual in Nature with suitable human;
Sensual to spiritual via intellectual is how it is reached in life;
True spiritual pleasure is what we call as bliss everlasting in life!

Universal enjoyment of heavenly pleasure is possible only by love;
Various ways may be various creeds say about it, but the goal is same;
War and peace are waged to attain this by self effort only with love!

X and Y surely can achieve pleasure of heaven in Earthly paradise;
Yearning of heaven is within our reach, if we love with true desire;
Zeroing our efforts to that centre ever, it is possible to be there!


Craving for passionate love, sensual desire burns as fire;
Fire of love never leaves one young or old in this world;
All cannot escape from the cloud of love fire forever...!

Once caught by this raging love of fire, it spreads like a
Forest wild fire and burns the whole body to yield to its
Formidable passion that has no beginning and end in life!

Fate has decreed to all to enjoy and suffer and also, suffer
And enjoy endless in this desire of passion called sesuous
Pleasure of love that rules all souls, minds and hearts ever!

Time is not enough to put an end to this raging passion of
Love that is the greatest power, light and justice in this
Flower world of humans where fragrance of love never dies sure!

The scent of love kindles raging fire of passion of love to
One and all to work, live and enjoy life always for love sure!


The purpose of life is to enjoy all pleasures in the world
Based on justice doing works according to knowledge ever..!
Passing on such knowledge and experience to our fellow beings
To posterity is the best way of living and human culture sure!

Knowledge, existence, pleasure and absolute is the way to
Attain total liberation or state of Nirvana finally in life;
That is why up-gradation of living emotionally, intellectually
And spiritually is the way to aim as goals to achieve in life!

Having suitable ambition to do so, all can sure achieve full
Satisfaction in life and perfection in life to qualify oneself
For reaching the blissful divine-hood of spiritual liberation
After many a trial and tribulation by evolution and culture...!

knowledge of this kind only is the true way of leading best life
Necessary for all to know so as to live life with pleasure ever!


All love and dream about paradise and heaven forever;
But many fail to recognize Earth is paradise in Universe!
Complex organism called man imagines much and longs for it;
Dreams of heaven are possible to enjoy in Earthly paradise!

Ever advancement seeking man has gained a lot of knowledge;
Fun in material technology is like child playing with toy;
Good, great and grand things man has achieved using this;
Highest level of technological feats are achieved too now!

Imagination, ingenuity and innovation of man have done this;
Joy of creativity and inventions has failed him to see faults;
Kicking out precautions he wants to go high above all ever;
Lacking wisdom, he is caught in the web of his own making now!

Many miles man has marveled, but failed to stop drawbacks in all;
Nothing he has achieved has excelled Nature being part of it ever;
Over all, man has polluted air, water and land to destroy Earth!
Population has increased and problems have increased due to that!

Quite a lot has to be done to bring back paradise of Earth again;
Resorting Nature, culture and humanism only that can be possible;
Stars we have to explore, but we have to save Earth to explore much;
Transcending material and intellectual aspects to spiritualism is must!

Universe is vast and ever expanding and we also should be so creatively;
Vast field of things are there waiting to be done through villages;
World is paradise due to Nature and is where heavenly love is feasible!

X or Y may be great scientist, but wisdom of artist only decides good;
Yearnings of world unity, humanity and harmony are to be respected and
Zeus who is invisible as universal spiritual energy will restore all soon!


Beauty attracts to love and enjoy it well
For sustaining life better than before...;
Beauty kindles cheerful mood by its attraction
Before love blooms in heart to enjoy life!

Natural beauty is openness and frankness of
Body, mind and heart that sways hearts forever;
Beauty builds up confidence and courage to
Deal all under the influence of its love sure!

Beauty moves all by its truthfulness to all;
Beauty is truth, natural and open ever to all
Unlike painted veil that fades soon revealing
The reality hidden for a brief time only ever!

Love kindled by beauty is true and binds all
By its fearless frank nature that unites all!


Freshness of well bloomed rose flower is real beauty
Among many flowers of different kinds in Nature ever!
Rose flower is the queen among its kind forever sure
And is why flowers of such a kind is offered to God!

Flowers, fruits, betel leaves and nut are on a plate
Placed before the deity in the temple and prayed well
For well being of all in the human world by pious people
And the world goes on despite crises and wars forever!

Beauty, goodness and truth never get vanished from the
World of men as long as human heart with love of pure
Kind never fades into thin air despite storms and rain
Falling as cloud bursts due to climatic changes long!

Manifestation of beauty in Nature, human services and
Love in action rejuvenate all fallen down to rise again
To perpetuate beauty of love to cheer up all people in
Tears eternally due to tyranny and atrocities and wars!


T A RAMESH: Born on 28th August 1950 Author Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy, after working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries for 22 years, is occupied with writing poems and essays since 1989 and has become a Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India publishing books from 1996 onwards; from 2005 he is occupied with publishing his poems and articles on internet; from 2005 on he has become a world website poetry writer. He has written about 92 English Books such as novel, short stories, non-fiction ones and poetry books. Achievement Awards: He is honoured with Best English Book Author Award by Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber in 2005, elected as Poet of the Year 2010 for his fine philosophic poetry by the readers of , honoured as Best Writer in English with Sourashtrian Achievers Award  by BVK-SITCON committee at Madurai in 2013, also honoured with a prize of $250 for winning in Poetry Contest in September 2013. Anthologies and Videos: Further his  poems are published in Poetry Anthologies like The Enchanting Verses International and Conifers Call magazine and Fiesta of Love (Songs of Loving Hearts) and his poems such as Colourful Flowers (2009) and Water of Life (2009) are released as Poetry Videos on and  He is also honoured with the publication of poems in Romanian language in 2014 in Geneza Visurilor, an Anthology of International Poetry. From 2015 on his poems are published in Our Poetry Archive for the promotion of world peace and unity against racism and terrorism and also from 2016 on his poems are published in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry website! Country of Origin: INDIA; Mother Tongue: Sourashtra; Nationality: Indian; Place of Living: Pondicherry.

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