Thursday, November 1, 2018




Sometimes you make me feel good
Sometimes you make me cry.

Sometimes you are so close
Sometimes too far.

Sometimes I feel you are my best friend
Sometimes you are better than all the rest.

Sometimes you just do not realize
I value you more than anyone next to my Creator.

Sometimes I wish…
Sometimes I hope…

Sometimes and most often than sometimes

Sometimes I wish…
Sometimes I hope…

Sometimes and more often than sometimes

It is you, I regard as my only best friend
It is you, my heart longs for...


A lovely place, it used to be
With endless and wonderful memories
Where I even contemplated on dwelling
To share the experiences life has taught me…

But all of a sudden, with just a blink of an eye
Everything clouded, everything changed
Everything dimmed, everything melancholic
Nothing left but sad memories of a love that never was…

It did become the place where a girl of his heart resides
As if that is not enough, a friend, an old friend so he says
Was slapped into my face, it left a memory - as if I did not exist
The beauty and wonder of the place all of a sudden is lost…

Thus, it shall always be, a place where I do not belong
For the love that never was, visits where he belongs
I hope, one day, he finds what he is looking for
What he has been longing for, content and mindful too…

That a poor soul is waiting, even as when everyone has left
Waiting, and forever waiting, even as when everyone has fallen
With a wistful thought that he finds what he has been looking for
And a fervent prayer too, that everything shall be well for him in the end…


Forgive me for bothering you this last time - I leave with a heavy heart
As you fully know, I regard you as someone very special
I sincerely love you and this will never change.

My heart recognizes only you, for you will always be the last man in this lifetime
Who has touched me the way you did - I want so much to be loved in return
Even if I seem difficult to handle, even if until now, I am suffering, I still feel the same.

You take me as a burden because I am trying hard to let you love me too.
I rest my case - even then, please know that the times we shared
Have been deeply etched within me, they will never depart.

I will just have to live with the memory, with longing and the pain that goes with it
And because I might not be here anymore that long
I pray for the best of health for you, the best of everything.

Peace of mind to accept trials that come your way and for the Lord's grace
To grant you all the desires of your heart, for truly
You deserve only the best of what life can offer.

You are a blessing and there are those who are blessed to have you
It is just so sad that I cannot be them though I have always hoped
That somehow, I can be good enough but I know that will not be so.

Should the day come when you find yourself so all alone…
Please know that I am here to comfort you, to cheer you, to love you even more.
For I know the pain of being alone, to be rejected and made to feel unwanted.

I do not want you to feel that, for in the final analysis,
The Lord is there as your refuge and strength but I know too
That the Lord has no hands to help or to touch but your hand and mine as the Lord's hands.

You will always be remembered with awe, with overwhelming thankfulness too
For all the understanding, for all you have shared with me,
The pain and the laughter included, for all these made me grow
Thus, I am no longer the same naive woman I used to be.

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Dr. JANET C. PASCUAL holds a BSE-English degree from the University of Makati (UMak), an M.A. in Education with specialization in Child Study, M.A. units in English Language Teaching and Ph.D. units in Applied Linguistics from the Philippine Normal University including earned units in Ed.D. in Innovative Educational Management from the University of Makati and now holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration from Greenville College. Her term as the Chair of the Languages Department at the University of Makati ended last April 30, 2018. She is now the Director of the Center for Digital Learning and Educational Technology Innovation also at the same university. Professor Pascual has received awards like the International and Asia Pacific Excellence Awards as a Woman of Excellence in Education and as an Outstanding Leader, the Outstanding Alumni of Makati Award, an award she shared with the likes of the Honorable Rene Saguisag and Newscaster Chichi Robles to name a few.  She co-authors published books in English, Literature, Humanities and IELTS including journals and researches. Apart from academic writing and editing, Dr. Pascual also conducts lectures and seminars in Early Childhood Development, Starting a Preschool, Language Proficiency, Creative Teaching Strategies and also does reviews in IELTS, TOEFL, LET and Civil Service Exams. Her free time is mostly spent on writing poetry and reciting them as well for friends in private gatherings and spearheading faculty development activities for the University Circle of Professional Educators (UCPE), Inc. as its President.

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