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Like a Crystal

I confess
the state of my feelings
very quietly
so that no one
can hear
Before the heart
with repentance
has time to sting
I will be pure
like a crystal

Cross - A Flowering Tree

Here is the CROSS
which stands by my way
To It
I still do the sign of the cross

It may still stand
though the yoke of sin may still cut It

It will set off out of the foundations of the earth
to convert the impenitent people
a raindrop will get It wet
a pinch of heat will dry It

And then
It will go through torments
for It will be crushed
by my penance
Give off It will last three shoots
It will with the rooster’s crowing

*** [Flogged…]

Stumbling, you can get far;
Only by falling and not rising, you can’t
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Flogged by the whips of the wind
for the rain and foul weather
crushed to dust
by the ravages of time

Stripped from the chance
of survival
again I resurrect
to fall

*** [Morning again… ]

A tear is the most expensive pearl
Søren Kierkegaard

Morning again
I wake up lethargic
with the word:
"I wish, I desire..."

And a chain of pearls
I put around the neck

Like a heavy tear
but one

I would take off

*** [I bow…]

Without suffering, one does not understand happiness
Fiodor Dostojewski

I bow
to you
your Pine highness
and to you
my slender Birch
when animals and people
fail me,
through the bark
to the heart of the trees I knock
I give my hand
to the rustling branches
and the trunk I embrace
In the cloudy morning
and rainy evening
with you
I cuddle

*** [One moment…]

One moment
one breath
The last
issued with no echo
One is already everything
and nothing
and nowhere
A minuscule particle
of the Universe

Between Fatigue and Hope

to the bone
into pieces one cannot put together
to the bottom of uncertainty
I dig up
the foundation of my existence
I am waiting
for the light of faith
that will change the fate
Save will a drop
from the source of hope

***[I bought a balm of hope…]

I bought
a balm of hope
at the intersection
of Good and Accord
I will moisturise
the fresh wounds
fill with the spirit
of the Weather

My mother
is compassionate
has a tact
I have to finally
bounce back
With a smile look
at the world

***[I open a shop…]

I open a shop
by Via Liberty

For wayward souls
for worried souls

With unfashionable clothing
but tailored

With food that nourishes
with hope and faith

*** [Impossible…]

To Friends

Friends are like silent angels
who lift us when our wings
forget how to fly
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

will become possible
and a dream
may come to life
when these banes
malicious creations
will not crawl out
like a snake from under the leaves

will become simple
and easy
when a single link
will not break up
A chain of hearts
those kind
those tender
will fulfil the dream
and the day will come

*** [So wonderful…]

So wonderful it is
after a rainy night
to go for a walk
along an avenue of roses
with a bare foot
touch the silver dew
a distant
echo of storms

*** [What if…]

What if
one goes to sleep
and wakes up

Remaining with only a Thought?

Where there are no
physical barriers
like a fog
feeling a light
breath of ecstasy

***[Tomorrow again…]

You can close your eyes to reality
but not to memories
Stanisław Jerzy Lec

again I will vacuum
the forgotten dreams
shelf after shelf

A sea of memories

I will churn
once again I will
examine my conscience

*** [I want real love…]

Whoever wants to touch the subject of their love,
if only they persevere, they shall be rewarded

I want real love
such that will give me strength

I want happy love
which will be sent down by God

Woven by a white thread
yet unknown
for many

*** [Everything about you…]

Everything about you sings to me
everything about you plays to me
This music straight from heaven
flows by a river in the dreams
Do not refuse this pleasure to
my ears
my eyes
Even the sun over this hill
before it falls asleep
will descend down the slope

*** [I was a rose…]

I was a rose to your winter
that harsh winter

I invigorated the time of the blizzard
with a drop of blissful spring

Trembling you cuddled with the brittle flakes
the red the scented ones

It did not hurt quite as much the heart
once nicked by a spike


ANNA CZACHOROWSKA: Anna Czachorowska was born  in Warsaw. She graduated from Warsaw University ( History Department) , she completed postgraduate studies at UKSW (Culture Management) She lives in Legionowo and works as a manager  in Public Library in Jabłonna. She is a member of Men of letters Association, she is also a member of The Board of Polish Output Assosciation. She has published: I Was the Rose of Your Winter (Anagram, Warsaw 1993 – book debut); Touching Happiness (City Culture Center in Legionowo 1995); Love Knocked at My Door (Art. For Intergration Fundation, Warsaw 2001); Before the Sun Goes Down the Hill (Anagram 2004). In the Dream Waitingroom , with CD ( performer by Anna Dymna), (Anagram 2011). In  2002 there appeared  a selecion of priest Jan Twardowski’s poems – The Faith, Hope and Love Poet (Anagram, Warsaw) in 2005 there was published a book of Twardowski’s poems with her introduction  - 33 Poems (Publish house SPPT and Public Library in Jabłonna). Her poems and songs were presented in the press and on Polish television. They were published in poetry antologies e.g. Generation Discourse, Antology of XX Century Poets , Chosen by Andrej Bazylewski, Anthology of 41 st Warsaw Poetry Autumn, several pieces of Poetry Today, Anthology of World Poets (Agenda 2016 and Agenda 2017 published by Poets del Mundo in Chile. Her works were translated  into Russian, English and Islandic (17 Ljóð). In 2009 at Humanistics and Polish Language Department im. Geysztora there was defended  M.A. thesis written by Magdalena Suwińska: Life, Work  and Cultural Activity  of Anna Czachorowska. In May 2011 she got a badge „Honoured for Polish Culture” from Culture and National Legacy Ministry. In May 2017 she received the „ Bronze Medal Gloria Artis”

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