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Speak we of our character lost
Effect of slanders wicked cost
Aimed as a weapon to fire
Puts reputation on burning pyre

Careful planting the malevolent word
Pretending to wish it hadn’t been heard
Within the confines of inevitable fate
Rarely give the dice a fair shake

Loaded meaning are there to be found
Casting unknowing victims to ground
Caught in the fire is the unwary
Who know naught that the intent to bury

Alas the attempt to defend ones self
Does nothing but reinforce such stealth
It is better for the one who has bled
To leave his ranting and raving unsaid

For only time can heal the wound
When malignant speech comes to tomb
Time unfolds the tales told
Even be they glib lies bold

So rest comes easy naught
To the one who’s lies have bought
His friends and world eventually
Won’t be blind but certainly see

That actually to reverse was true
That he was wicked but not you
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Oh dread sepulcher
the place I will inter
how long separated from light
will I spend in dark of night
away from human toils
the deflection of our foils
no existence of our thought
no reward for toil wrought
all passion and desire died
this place we will reside
where each and every bone
has no more life than stone
there is no evil, there is no lust
our voice is choked within its dust
a place of rest from all our work
where love and hate do not lurk
to the dust our souls return
so must a generation learn
in the shadow of this fear
which is drawing ever near
how long must our blood cry out
for the future life we doubt
for the Keeper of our soul
to resurrect and remake whole
where dwells the living water
reserved for Adams son and daughter
who has the keys of deaths grave
and the multitudes he will save
who will sing the Song of Songs
to be separated from the throngs
whose tongues have spoken only truth
and parted unto glory’s booth
who will lead the people back
and teach them the things they lack
who will escape the coming wrath
for crimes committed on their path
who will drink the vials of dread
for those they’ve hated who’s blood runs red
why do our souls cry out
hearts that are full of love and doubt
to us you must your answer give
so in life everlasting we may live
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Bitter dregs of life’s elixir
just enough sweet to bury the bitter
small tastes of what is fine
to keep us going within our time

Love is not a convenient thing
when it disappears the heart does sting
though full does it make everything
when gone sorrow and weeping

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
though bowed low in you I’ll trust
you have torn away my shield
naked before you within your field

Oh cherished muse hear my cry
through falls of tears did loved one die
swayed and shaken by what I feel
hills and valleys and waves I reel

accursed is the lot of man
death destroys the golden strand
no resistance even strong here land
the mouth of grave does ever expand

Though I cherish knowledge of the future
currant cuts and pain beneath the suture
the loss and grief of present time
can make a woman lose her mind

All mankind of this chalice drink
It’s liquid swallowed on the brink
ingested fluid in each man’s hour
against it’s draft has no man power

Imprisoned in death are family and friends
and some few have met kinder ends
into tombs and crypt and grave descends
and upon it’s bed many confess their sins

Even those having been reborn
will face the coming of it’s storm
our souls descended of this family tree
and you oh Jah will hold our memory

Into the dust our lives return
await the future for which we yearn
and sink we do into the maw of death
till times resurrection Son returns our


Earth         was a perfumed garden

residing in a single                    galaxy

beauteous fair among the planeted channels

so blooms its presence           which has given birth       to me

lighted reflections among the waterfalls

succulent as oranges in bowls of cedar

or apple blossom petals dancing in the winds

there enticed my heart

to the park of natures nursery

where the trails are laden

with baby’s breath and blueberries              myrtle

juniper  , ash , thimbleberries , and chanterelles

we have steeped peppermint , currant         and sassafras for tea

with hyssop , palmetto , and mandrake

turmeric , saffron , paprika , sage                among our spices

dried plantain , maiden hair and olives

have graced our tables

mallow , ginseng , nutmeg , cinnamon , pennyroyal

tamarind , rue , every flora and fauna that sprouts

unrivaled in all her bounties

provisions made for                  every delight

energy and power has shaped her mountain ranges

meadows , valleys , islands , and seas

so complete her resources

that we can find nothing that delights

lacking in her                                   but we ourselves

how quickly man has replaced

her cotillion of species

with cement and a                  flat screen

where empire means empty

and shaped steel means plenty

and the dance of dominion

is the desolation of what supports our lives

shackles , chains , slavery , prison

to a shallow society of souls surrendered

to the immolation of creation

the arsenal of greed and pride

which has bound the herd

upon the precipice of suicide

where swiftly the poison of property

has dashed and crushed life

upon the rocks where nothing can grow

the slow death of humanity

drowning in his own debris

our luxury someone else’s slavery

the 10 year old who is hungry

and climbs into a pit for what we consider

less than nothing

mining our riches

we decry poverty and bondage

but sight unseen              does not make us clean

where sensory masturbation is the

addiction of the masses

all that is left for the ” lower classes “

I’ll not give you this

if you haven’t looked around

you are considered      ” remiss “

the 99 percent are still richer than

two thirds of the rest of humanity

your baby sitter is no longer “black and white”

but unfettered violence of every type

when the store is empty

where will you turn  ??

Matt 24:3-14
IITim 3:1-5   Apocalypse 11:15-19
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller


The calls of the flocks          to this years migration

a roving community       of birds in each nation

rising and diving       above         mists in the rocks

the drawing together         for birthing         new flocks

The coo of the crane      in     a wetland bog

the bob of its head       when       its nabbed a frog

opened winged geese     in            passages  soar

north back to south     or        a western shore

Above our earth        the traversing vast miles

into the snowfall                 or            cliffside defiles

a race upon water       to         lure this years mate

or share  in the catch          a        dance woven like date

Such grace of movement    their wings on the breeze

like rhythms beating       to ascend     above trees

how can one       capture     such beauty       so grand

of a creatures          decent       upon sky        upon land

Motion so elegant       their  journey’s   in sky

mankind's observations      our own desire       to fly

the form of their       pinions       upon outstreched wings

to follow freedom         this kind of life       dreams

Lowlands or Highlands        the wild fowl    domains

in deserts   or plateaus       aviary   terrains

on pole ice       or islands   you’ll find their nests

every year you’ll find them       their community     rests

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC


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