Thursday, November 1, 2018




November rains fall upon the lost soul
Its bitterness chills deeper in the mind
Relentless in its down pouring of water
It pricks like sleet upon a winter night
Running its course, the chill of the season
A depressing rain as it moistens leaves.

A measure of cold passion it now leaves
A passion now frozen within the soul
A soul desiring a change in season
Wanting no more than an enlightened mind
The sun to shine forth from the darkest night
Nostalgic memory of summer’s water

When the soul was embraced by the water
Along with the inner most warmth it leaves
Unlike the bitter coldness felt at night
In the November rains that pierce the soul
Summer warms the inner part of the mind
Like the newness that comes in spring’s season

Thoughts- feelings change from season to season
Warmth in summer-relentless fall water
Effecting the perception in the mind
The perception of dark or light it leaves
Hues that leave an impact on mind and soul
Can enlighten or chill darkness of night

Perceive illuminating beams at night
A light that whispers hope in its season
A hope of warmth in the depths of the soul
Like a waterfall’s cleansing blue water
That flows over top- serenity leaves
Unexplainable peace within the mind

November Rains that cursed the soul and mind
Can find solitude in the darkest night
Understanding of the sting that sleet leaves
In the depths of coldness in its season
Waiting for the warm refreshing water
To pour and revive a passionate soul

Passion rains within the depth of the soul
Regardless the warmth or freezing water
Serenity’s found in any season.
©Stacia Lynn Reynolds


The sun falls upon the horizon
Revealing the beauty before night
As the moon replaces its glory
Illuminating darkness in sight.

It is to be seen, as will be heard
No longer will she silence the night.
Nor deafen the strong voice inside
Or shall the still small voice hide.

Under the darkness that encamps around
As the leaves change from green to gold
His hand reaches out when it’s cold
Revealing noon’s brightness, or
A night that is bold.

All a twenty- four-hour cycle of time
As the body becomes dust to dust
The promise of eternal life stays
Which has no time, in view from above.

In the day or the night, it remains
The illumination of the heart
The promise continues, displays
A glory too bright to part.
©Stacia Lynn Reynolds


Standing tall golden in its place
A state of advancing love and peace.
Seeds producing its goodness and truth.
Fields, sowing their faithfulness and worth.
Cycles, seasons, and the cycle of life,
Some in the wilderness of solitude,
Finding the chaff of un-plenty.
Whose seed produces weakness of love so yearning.

A symbol of the sacrament last eaten.
A sign of the resurrection.
His glory,
In hope we wait.
Goodness, truth, and charity are to be won.
In the fields of golden hue, the walk moves on.
Cycles, seasons and the circle of life
The golden shaft stands, swaying
Giving sight unto the now and the future, to know.
The symbol will stand,
Revealing its charity
Its love in the plight.


Editor, STACIA LYNN REYNOLDS is a Writer, Poet, Developmental and Creative Freelance Editor, Editor-In-Chief of Our Poetry Archive, and the Published Author of Escape Down the Roman Road, A Poetic Journey Through Life, The Enchantment, and is also published in many Poetry Anthologies worldwide; including Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry. Stacia began her English degree at Owens Community College, USA, then continued her BA in English through the University of Phoenix, USA. Stacia’s life’s goal and dream is to encourage others with her words; witness peace, love and harmony among all mankind; and smile contagiously until the Earth’s Sun ceases to shine; a smile is contagious! Stacia’s book Escape Down the Roman Road is available at WestBow Press,, Books- A- Million, and Barnes and Noble. Her poetry book, The Enchantment, is available at Our Poetry Archive can be accessed at, and Atunis Galaxy’s 2018 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry is available at

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