Thursday, November 1, 2018




Come, my beloved, step into my arms,

I long to hold you in dream’s embrace,

within the stars, where our love ever sings,

we shall dance within Heaven’s own grace.

I shall lose myself within your azure eyes.

The moon caressing my Aphrodite,

our hearts both sing a song of love.

On the breath of a sigh, I enter your soul,

harmonize with me, love’s primal passion.

The sky now afire with the glory of love,

we outshine the stars in all their beauty.

My beloved, we caress love’s very core.

By the starlight stream, we sing love’s refrain.

Lie with me in passion’s depths and feel love’s divine,

come my love, the world of dreams is open to us now,

where our love can flow easily,

peaceful nights, when love shines eternal bright,

we shall live our love through dreams in the night.
(In Dreams Of Desire And Passion Series)


You are the song that my heart does ever sing,

my moon and stars, my love, my everything.

Come, take my hand, up to the stars we fly,

into the gentle night, the starlit sky.

Enter my heart on the words of your song,

within this love-filled space you do belong.

Here in my arms, we both begin to rise,

in our dreams of love, this is no real surprise.

My beloved, an angel fair you are,

the face I shall see in every star.

Your song of love brings visions to mind,

visions of love’s desires we always find.

Now lie with me among God’s tiny fires,

together we shall fulfill all our desires.

Our temples entwine in the glory of this space,

each night I know your gentle, angelic grace.

From love’s song, such visions fill my mind,

dreams divine of the most passionate kind.

Within my heart you ever shall belong,

you are the architect of my dreams, you are my song.
(In Dreams Of Desire And Passion Series)



my heart sings in ecstasy,

I hold you in my arms,

love sings in my heart.

Drowning within the love in your eyes,

in dreams your desires fulfilled.

The dance of love in the moon’s silver glory,

lips caressing we find our paradise.

It lies deep within ourselves,

coming out within our deepest desires.

Your temple I do hold so close to me

and I know my destiny lies here, within a dream.

My passion’s rise as dreams do flow,

with you in my arms, the dream is ever love.

Come with me to the valley of love’s sweet desires,

we shall lie by the river of passion,

our union of desire’s hope in peaceful surrender,

it shall ever sing in the valley of love’s echoes.

Ever in my arms where you belong,

the song of love’s joy we ever do sing,

within the dreams of desire and passion,

I shall meet you when the stars come out.
(In Dreams Of Desire And Passion Series)


MICHAEL .P. CLARKE is a would-be poet from Scotland. He has been writing poetry for five or six years now. His heart sings out its words of love. He does enjoy the feelings that his inspiration brings within him. He loves sharing his work. (Share your heart and you share your life.) The words ever come from a soul that loves.

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