Thursday, November 1, 2018




Eastern Sun,

bright star of the principle

active and beneficial,

in the fullness of empirical sensitivity

direct Knowledge that illuminates

universal creation;

dispel the darkness and

favors dissolvent logic

of the corruptive spirit

so that they do not disturb the serenity and

harmony of the vital rhytm

as energy for service

of a great cause to humanity

in infinite multiplicity

of its horizontal egalitarian manifestation.
Gaetano Finizio.


My beloved you are like a balm

of feminine virtue beauty,

a paradisiac light shines within my heart

that you act with mastery an act of desire

unreal of your subjective will of sensuality,

where your soul can be defined

the purity of love in the spirit of man,

a sweet poetic meditation

that calms moments of inner serenity.
Gaetano Finizio.


Love you are a loving rose

where each perfumed petal radiates

unchanging feelings in my heart

of an infinite love,

I would like to be the sun that makes you smile

in your shining universe

unique eternal flower,

you and me enlightened

billions light years

Eternal love.
Gaetano Finizio.


GAETANO FINIZIO, born in Taranto, Italy, on August 20, 1958, is a heterodox poet and writer, graduating in philosophy, passionate about philosophical reading, history and politics. He took care of his training by participating assiduously in conferences, conferences and debates in the spirit of truth and reflection with newspaper interventions analyzing a panoramic picture on some of the most significant problems of the social and political structure considered positively reflective. The poet has explained a collection of verses "Aletheia" which in Greek means truth, reality, the true condition of things, a poetic subject for the search for an existential truth. He published a political book of "The administrative dialectic in local democracy", an overcoming of the whole government-citizen in the vision of a direct democracy where today the citizen is the subject of an administrative and irrational administrative bureaucracy of a political economy still backward. The poet in the political field defines himself as a non-violent, humanist and cosmopolitan libertarian socialist.

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