Friday, January 1, 2016


García Vera


Time went by
So fast
I hardly noticed,
Its passing
There was
Never enough time
For bedtime stories,
To laugh,
To dream
Or play
It’s a blur
When I try
To remember
It all
I remember
A moment
The moment
My miracles
Were born
And I counted
Each finger,
Each toe
Each inch
To find them
Perfectly sculpted
By God
I remember
That day
At the beach
When we played
With the waves
We built
Sand castles
In the sand
To have
The tide
Wash them away
We were
Playing tag
When we fell
Into the waves
While our heads
In the salty air
The sun set
Beautifully that day
More beautiful
Than I’d ever seen
Rays of gold,
Purple, yellows,
And pinks
Painted the horizon
It illuminated
The waves
Coloring rainbows
Around our heads
It comes down to
One single moment
In time
A memory
Most treasured
A life,
A story entwined
In the lives
Of many
In silence,
I reflect
On a moment
The moment
Of discovery
Daily renewed
By the vision
Of a child
Through the eyes
Of a child
I experienced life
And I, too, was in awe
Of the splendor
And wonder of it all

Once I dreamed
Of forever after
My eyes glazed
In rosy colored visions
Once I dreamed
Of leisurely walks
As we walked hand in hand
Loving sighs
Romantic glances
While we sat in the shade
Of the old oak tree
Remembering the times
We planned out schemes
In time children came
And life changed all at once
No longer alone
We went through the motions
Diapers to change
Meals to cook
Tasks to attend
Bodies that tired
Eyes that blurred,
Visions dreamed
And minds that boggled
With the stress of living
Our children grown
Have left the nest
If I die tomorrow
My task complete
I will be remembered
In the birth of spring
When the birds are nesting
In the old oak tree
When the flowers dance
In the balmy breeze
You will hear my laughter
Like a melody
You’ll remember me
On a star lite night
When alone you stand
In the pale moon light
I’ve been planting memories
On the road of life

If I painted your soul
I would pick all the colors
From the sky after rain
And in rainbow above
I would pick them with care
I would pick all the pinks
To color your dreams
And enrich all your visions
I would pick all the blues
To describe love so true
Like the color of heaven
Like a dream, I see you
I would pick all the yellows
To color all hope
Expanding horizons,
You alone live to draw
I would pick all the reds
To color you love
To color you blood
That like river does run
That like thunder it hits
In your soul causing
Ripples, causing haste
Destroying the hate
I would outline all colors
With a tinge of black coal
For the times that you cry
In the darkness alone
And in spaces,
Some places would be angel white
For the times you rejoice
In the brightest of light
No painter can paint
With a palette as beautiful
As the one within you
©Juanita Garcia Vera

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