Friday, January 1, 2016




Withered walls and its flakes shakes my memory fresh,
The house once filled with laughter and grace,
Today dimmed in disgrace,
Filled with crowd and their cheers,...
Now moves with haunting fear of loneliness and tears,
House once clad with my Granny, Grand pa lost its glow,
Time has changed its ownership 's grip which gave me a blow,,
But my detached mind took a surprised breath to accept the row,
Departure of my dears snatched the affections and love from its brow,
Once covered with decorative articles on wall, replaced by garlanded photo pictures of near and dear,,
Wandered mind searches link of memories from the heap,
Could hear the laughter from the broken benches and chairs' chirp,,
Living beings are perishable while memories attached with non living articles cloud to think,
Lingered memories searches me from lost days,
I could sense a lot of changes in my character sketch,
My innocence stolen by artificial charm,
Why to abuse others when time's wave changed the affection from material slot.


Leave me dear, leave a space in my heart to think and cheers,
You and your thoughts occupy my loving heart,
I couldn't rejoice or come out from fear,...
You are far away in snow clad terrains with heart bold for motherland's safety sphere,
Though I smile, but news of firing in borders couldn't restrict my flow of tears,
With a throbbing heart I wait for your phone calls to hear,
Children ask your whereabouts, my frightened heart boldly narrates your bravery shoots,
Days pass waiting but nights are unbearable with anxious boots,
Hearing news of a brave soldier attaining martyrdom myself bleeds inwards without the traces in my face,
You made me proud as a soldier's wife,
Loved more than any husband's share,
Cared ,gave a respectable position in social sphere,
Knowing to be brave my heart sinks for you ,
As everyday news clipping bears the shooting in borders areas,
Why so bloodshed and fight?
Even my courageous heart unable to answer,
But I always pray God let you come smiling and safe to my circumference .

Topic- Accident

Unable to control my breath when our eyes met,
Reflected on my faded cheeks, now changed to warm red,
Ear lops hot in winter as if cold vanished away,...
Could feel the hot air without the woollen scarf's tight knot,,
The chill air whisks the melody of your presence,
My hair strands fallen on my forehead carelessly hides my burning feelings to bay,
We are struck in crowd ,with strangers 's staring look and shout,,
Newly blossomed romance is giving a soothing pleasure bout,
We exchanged the fire in our looks,
Even though you stood maintaining a gap from me ,my heart searches you in me,
Sudden jerk shook my nerves when the bus jolted near the railway level crossing iron belt stop,
Bus started shivering with the sudden brake,
I could feel our bus dash the gate,
Shivering with fear ,crying loud for help, I lost my balance, slipped, loosing grip,
Saw your strong hands come forward to comfort me from accident fear,
Holding my hands, you pulled me out, saved me from accident's grouch,
People shout and cry, accidentally the bus shaved itself from rampage,,
Innocents saved in the bus but my heart lost in the buzz,
Accident drew us close.

Lopamudra Mishra


  1. Good poems, I wish to translate your poems to my native language, seeking your permission

  2. Brilliant articulation. Read them with aappreciation for your poetic skill . congrats my dear.

  3. nice poems..thank you dear poet!

  4. nice poems..thank you dear poet!