Friday, January 1, 2016


George Onsy

O blood,
I wish you had
A sound
To crack the silence
Of conscience’s
Sleep profound
O blood,
I wish you had
No color
Reminding me
Of a flower
Once given
To a victim’s lover
O blood,
Others’ or mine,
Stay on earth
To draw clear
A long-awaited
Red line.

Years never stop
To come and go
Some were really swift
Others, stubbornly slow
And here comes again
My birthday
After I’ve been running
On my earthly journey
That I thought to be
A long .. long way,
And from here an’ there,
I’m now trying to pick
As many words
That have been said
Between my archaic cradle
And an up-to-date deathbed.
Out of them all
I would weave
A never ending song
About a lost homeland
Where I do belong.
So when I’ll be
Done and gone
Across that dark valley
A new kingdom
Will finally dawn.
Yet, my only left endeavor
Is to tell all about
His gift of life that lasts
Here, now, and forever.
Here comes again
My birthday,
And I would like
To ask you
My dear friends;
How longer
Do you wish me to stay?!!

O suffering humanity,
You reshape in my vision
A Suffering Divinity
That once came
To share your passion
But if you ask me:
Is suffering a must?
I would suggest you
To see The Resurrected
Who wins at last.
George Onsy

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  1. I find To the blood to be one of the most original poems I have read, I is moving and deep....I will say by the poets inspiration, that the blood seeped into our world will turn to iron to fortify the land we have temp-orarily lost.