Friday, January 1, 2016


Esguerra Castillo

I was born weak but then I grew up to be a lion
Yes, a lioness but with the heart of an angel
I may appear demure, gentle, and meek,
But you can’t suppress me when I try to speak
When I speak, my words would strike you like lightning,
They would move you into pieces as if they were spoken only for you
My words are likes blades
That can cut deeply into your core,
But will forever leave a mark
That will change the course of your life.

Though I stand for what is the truth
Fighting for the rights of women who are maltreated and abused,
I still chose to be a woman of peace
For I believe always carrying peace in my heart
Will help me spread love and unity to a world in chaos,
Yes, a lioness carrying the torch of peace
Along the forest I walk mightily
But in my heart I’m still a child possessing meekness,
A woman of peace, I will always remain
Equality is what I shout and my purpose, I will proclaim.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


there is pure serenity looking at his mesmerizing eyes
a look of wonder, awe and yearning surprise
my wishful future baby yet unborn, the world unfolds,
in your every captivating, sunshiny smiles
reaches the deepest core of my heart
in his eyes, you can see the crystal clear shadow of peace.

as if by drowning in his stares you will lose your sanity
a look of innocence beyond those falling dewy tears
he is the hope of tomorrow's upcoming years.
I can see ageless beauty mirrored in his soul
Erases all those traces of sadness and burdens you thought you can't bear
spear him from vile creatures who simply aren't pro-life for they don't care!

***anti-abortion poem

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2011


along this misty dew avenue, I see mysteries unraveling
right before my very own naked eyes
dreams of yesteryears bewilder thee
while I go on surfing this mad reality.

finding my way through this blinding fog
can't barely see what's in store for me
continue to swirl on my spiral life
head on and fight a quite enormous strife.

your shadow I see constantly following me
sweet echoes from above soothes this tired soul
mystical dreams of forever engraved in my heart
blinding lights seem to fight back my wounded eyes.

will the future be bleak, the ugly truth I seek
be in a place I'd rather call my very own niche
carry on my mission with undying devotion
than be left bewildered in this never-ending confusion.

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2011

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