Friday, January 1, 2016


Anahit Arustamyan


Your journey was long. What brought you here to my ancient world? Was it Lord Byron's Armenian word? What brought you here like a lyre's song? Your voyage through the air was a crane's voice. Sir! Your silver voyage was born. It wasn't a mirage from a mirror pond. The pomegranate wine we had was strong. We are intoxicated in any street's noise. The air which brought you will take you home. Let me have a look at a flying flock! They seem to have tongues to get words to talk. I am with you so I want to walk. The air which brought you will take you home. The pomegranate wine stole the sun and shone. Our love is true but something is wrong. We are intoxicated by innocent love. The wine hugged the sun but gold is so cold.


Tomorrow we will rise early. Two sparrows will greet us from a tree. No, they are not going to flee. They are together in any winter's feast. Oceans have no shoes on their blue feet. You will wear your shoes to hurry to leave. No, my dear! Do wait a little! Two sparrows are still in the tree. Yesterday's minutes slid slowly. They didn't rush to let us adore our tango's bliss.Tomorrow's minutes will hide their lips to kiss. What should we do today as you have borrowed a bird's wings? Let's picture each other in this life's mist! Do bind my picture on your sea's wrist! Yes, Sir, it's already dawn but we are sitting on the moon's knee.


Homeland and faith! These words are never vain. One voice was born in my brain. What is it going to say? "You can't keep the rivers of your land in a leather suitcase or in a travelling bag". Homeland and faith! They sound to shake any heart's bell. I used to have something to defend. They were the mountains of my land. My homeland! I always pray. You are in the body of my faith. Even if I forget my own name I will never forget your memories' rain. Your memories will rain in my brain. Homeland and faith! No, these words are never vain.

Anahit Arustamyan

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