Friday, January 1, 2016


Derrel en Bianca


I wear the heavy
load of this reality,
one of the many
which are there.

I stumble over
head crushers,
the gate is

you're so unattainable.
I cause with my tears
erosion in granite.

I rattle
to heaven investment
but hard are words
whom are outspoken by
the tongue of the rash

will I ever
be able to
evoke you
or 've lost you.

it will be the time
whom will learn me
to speak while
my tears are
dripping like rain.

it is here
I sigh,
- 'Swearing' -
into the air ...
hoping all
will collapse.

I want
all things
to be broken,
from the debris
I will make
my own palace
but all I see:
no certainties, mud,
dirt and wasteland.

it is here
I sigh,
wait for my
however nothing
grows here
except me,
sometimes falls a
solar ray by smog
on a not ready yet
dead cactus.

stone don't moves
and this night silence
is necessary,
even though
it is near to killing me.

it is here
I sigh;
"Stars don't dance
while there are soul-
less eyes staring at you
and butterflies don't
flutter in chilling cold".

I fall down
same as you did.
I dig a grave.
rooting in the earth,
gloomy thoughts
I'm burying.
© Derrel en Bianca


I reach out
with my arms
towards the sun.
clouds appear in-front
of my face
the heavy-weight illusion,
of no sunshine in my live.
heartless is the lashing

I remind you.
wish you're here.
visualize you.
your hand
into mine.

thou be mine
blueprint for
to escape out off
my circle.
It's a heavy-weight illusion
of nothing have you
as my sunshine.

suck me
into your nature.
let me earthen
in your soil.
I want to germinate.
my feet inside the earth,
with both feet upon this world
but completely grounded
in your heart.

mirror my choice
in your reflection.
show me that
I grow 'cos of you.
heavy is this illusion
that this is no illusion.
this is real.

this is also a reality.
let me be enlightened,
kiss me awake,
remove the echo
of sadness,
glisten inside
my darkness.

give me
your guidance,
be my light
and be my

warm me!
© Derrel and Bianca


I write your name
as a star wish
on the fogged window

I look for the wings
of shelter
will release concern

the bleeding from my soul
does an incredible amount of grief
pain waves engulf me

everywhere I see stone faces
with a blind overlooking of nothing
they don't know the torments

© Bianca

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