Friday, January 1, 2016




Man feels such zest of emotion
 till it sets his whole mind afire
Calling forth his inner demons
fueling him run instead of tire

No problem then seems too immense
to not warrant a good man’s deeds
The boy hurt on the inside finds
he is the man this child now needs

Life's truths keep turning round and round
generations each wax and wane
 Loving ones pick up the pieces
of the small child that still remain

Who among us can rightly say
he has himself just walked on by
To leave the injured child alone
within hearts lonesome soul to cry

It seems we need no help learning
epitaphs of profanity
But when our eyes see love defined
that's where we find humanity


The time trickles by unnoticed
our moments fade away
While their coming and their going
pass us by day to day

Each new morn comes by to meet me
as nothing seems to last
The thoughts of youth just melt away
as all become the past

With them go my joys and sorrows
this life spent chasing dreams
The grandiose philosophy
of lofty hopes and schemes

Younger days when I once believed
I'll sleep when I am dead
Now I feed the mind on learning
I still keep those fires fed

Why can't we inherit wisdom
pass along what we know
Given benefit of insight
might help our species grow

The generations march to war
pounding drums of glory
Saying it will happen no more
it's the same sad story

Gales form around each new child's life
what they don't know be true
The winds foretell what future holds
oh if they only knew

The sands of time keep flowing on
our lives to pass away
Some are coming, some are going
none ever come to stay

Tate Morgan

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