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 “By making us stop for a moment, poetry gives us an opportunity to think about ourselves as human beings on this planet and what we mean to each other”
– Rita Dove

OUR POETRY ARCHIVE wishes all a happy New Year. Let us hope for a better and prosperous world for each and everyone this time, defying all the odds and evils.

Yes we also agree with poet Rita Dove, we can even extend this idea farther - believing that poetry can also make us better human beings. To become human we need to grow as humans developing our humanity. And poetry has that inherent power to build up that humanity in our conscience, so that we can grow up as a proper human being. So in this world of war and terror, violence and conspiracy, we, in our limited capacity of this on line monthly poetry journal decided last month to publish a special edition on POETRY FOR PEACE addressing the current world wide wave of terrorism and war. We thought that in these turbulent times, poets have a huge responsibility to raise their voices against this blood bath around the world. And we were glad to get the overwhelming response from the poets from all continents. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the contributors, supporters and co-workers who made the special edition a huge success. It has already been viewed by more than 2000 readers worldwide within the first five days of its launching.

Yet just as the history of mankind always has a darker side, we also experienced the other side of the story. Recently we had to face an espionage style activity of sabotaging the publication of the Special Edition. A rumor has been spread on the internet with a false allegation of plagiarism against Our Poetry Archive. This deplorable activity to defame Our Poetry Archive has been squarely countered by our poets and contributors around the world. In spite of this damaging rumor, poets from all over the world are showing their strong support and solidarity with this monthly poetry journal by contributing generously with their poetical creation for publication. We are extremely thankful to them and we would also like to extend our humble gratitude to our readers as the viewership of Our Poetry Archive is increasing by leaps and bounds. Our strength is our conscience. Our strength is our honesty and integrity to form a world forum of poetic excellence for those poets who never deny their social and human responsibilities and always try to use their talent to defend humanity. Our strength is those poets who publish their creative works in this forum and are proud to do it. Our strength is our readers, who are with us from the very beginning of our journey and who are joining in everyday. We are well aware of the perpetrators who have already shown their true colors and may try to strike again but we believe in the collective strength of human conscience and the moral characteristics of good people for a good cause.

So here we are with the 10th issue of the 1st volume of “Our Poetry Archive” January 2016. Like all our previous monthly editions this number also presents poems of thirty-six poets around the world. We feel proud to announce that our viewership is growing fast. And this puts more responsibility on our shoulders. So we would like to have your regular feedbacks to evaluate our endeavor in a constant manner. We remain ever grateful to our poet contributors for their constant support to make this journal resourceful.

And as usual we ask you all to keep on sending your poetical creations only to our mail address: <> with your confirmed permission to publish your poems along with your profile picture; on and before the 25th of every month.

Thank you all.
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