Friday, January 1, 2016




This night is a reminder of a pall
that falls all over the world today,
the half-moon shown as if to forestall
what almost seems an inevitable play.

A play that bears close watching,
as the fog, dew and dark cover over the shining,
the brightness that once seemed catching,
fading into the darkness, no more a silver lining.

Where have all the flowers gone is sung
in rendition, fighting the sadness blighting,
but no one hears, much less cares among
the throngs that echo sentiments of fighting.

Warring factions, fools and fanatics thrive,
as saner folks wonder of that now lost,
of peace and hope of youth, lust remains alive,
giving pause unending, all bear the cost.

How will this play end? A disaster mending,
a war of the worlds, religions fighting for gains
against what was high and mighty, ever bending
the will to fight against A Darkness that Reigns.


As ancient ice melts in the polar caps
carbon dioxide feeds the rain forests
raising global fears while melting ice caps
rising temperatures move waters in crests
shorelines are encroached over all land maps
dust storms steal greenery, growth to suppress
deserts grow wild as food supplies collapse
rain forests burn up in heated distress
trees absorbing gases will burn to scraps
folks in dire straights, let their love regress
are overcome with hate, filling the gaps
they fight over crumbs to survive the mess
as our world churns, we see more and more flaps
building a day of gloom as we repress!


The future lies in the hopes and dreams of the young
drugs, poisoned politics, misplaced dogma among
the multitude of burdens about which they have sung
being misunderstood, having to bite their tongue
abused, awash in emotions, feeling unstrung
wanting to hit back, as if their soul has been stung
wanting to smile, their reactions become far flung
hurting themselves, hoping to take the pain unsung
when no one's looking, in the shadows, like black lung
playing games, avoiding climbing up the next rung
running, screaming in silence, never feeling done
the weight of the world on their shoulders, wanting fun
pushed to their limits by parents, thoughts of a gun
to kill, a thrill, their lives feel like they weigh a ton
lost in a poisoned world, finding no place to run
frustrated, feeling like losers if they don't stun
wanting an audience, their words never to shun
someone to listen, who won't make them feel outdone
to be given a chance, their dreams not a rerun
of their parents lives, wanting their day in the sun.

Patrick Michael

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