Friday, January 1, 2016




An old jar I have
enclosed in a silver case
well hidden from prying eyes

There I put all my pains
my losses and my fears
all that of painful and sad
Fate set aside for me

So, I keep high my mood
smile day after day at life
my soul free from
resentments and dislikes
don't make my heart bleed

Light hearted I can
wake up in the morning
glad wait for the rising sun

Because I love life
and want to live it
leaving all miseries behind
have the courage of a lion
the tenderness of a lamb
the lightness of a flying bird


Peace, oh no
don't misunderstand
not world peace
but my inner peace
where to find it
how to call it
and have an answer
know if and when
it would be willing to come
and stay
useless to invoke it
make meditation
closed in my room
the light turn off
anxieties are there
stubborn and ruthless
continue to buzz
in the mind
like crickets in summer
and keep me awake
even late at night
and at dawn
they are still there
more alert than ever
they say detachment
is the panacea
but for a true detachment
I should live afar
maybe in a little island
surrounded by the sea
a golden beach as my sofa
the cry of the seagulls
telling it ’s day in the morning
the silent lanterns in a blu sky
inviting to sweet dreams at night


Once you open
your heart to your Love
it can no more be offered
to nobody else
because that someone
takes hold of it
from there he
penetrates your mind and soul
master he becomes of your life
your whole being surrounded
by his scent
his breaths are yours
your thoughts full of him
whenever you go
followed you are by his shape
like your own shadow
if you run
it runs after you
if you stop your steps
it stays still there
because he can't be
but with you
and you with him
closed the doors of your heart
by a golden bolt
on it in scarlet letter
an inscription says
no room left for anybody
By Maria Miraglia

Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved 28 Dic 2014

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