Friday, January 1, 2016




A sneaking sun of lemon

Sultry, dank

Sneaks through the curtains

Pecking at my eyes

I want to lie here

For a spell

Listening to the slow trill

Of a distant Cardinal

As he glides among

The pines

Searching for a mate

And his life designs

The early risers are

Making their way to


Or a leisure game of golf

Their fervor rings

Through the walls

Making me smile

A Dream of a Dream

But my alarm will

Persist still and forever

That I must rise and

Meet the day with

A wonder, content of

my home

And Keeper

Who beckons me


To hug Her


From thee to thine

I give you mine,

This heart, thy soul

Upon the milky way of

Morning dew over a new day

Shine on

Into boundless sprockets of

Infinity with me

Never stop, stay

In mine and yours

Evermore ours

Among the countless


We are immortal, standing

Above the world

Like monoliths deployed

Forever mysterious, as though

To mortals engraved to pages

Of a life so serious

Let's run free

Let's tear from our minds

..,our hearts

And tear our hearts from

Our minds


From my head to my toe and forevermore

I shall love you like no one before

The day that we met I knew you

From another time

Perhaps an eternity

And you were mine

From the early light of a new day

To the night sky of an early May

Your soul speaks to mine

In languages divine

to me like a blossoming elder

A tree that whispers to only those

That held her

For an eternity of sin

I'm want to swim in your skin

Beneath warm waters

Of the gods' daughters

You are my life

My death

My everlasting breath

From beyond and until no more

We are the immortal lore

Of ancient inscriptions

Whose translations

Need no description

Christy Holland

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