Friday, January 1, 2016


Sheena M. Annis


Out with the old,
in with the new,
get me away,
from this crazy zoo.
I am excited to see,
how this New Year
will be, hoping it's
filled with much glee.
To all my friends,
both old and new
keep on being,
to yourself true.
This is my year,
to break out of my fear,
making myself a better
person, to those who I
hold dear.


Someone came to me in my dream's.
Mentally they told me that I need to
follow my revelations.

That it was okay to take the time to
care and nurture my body, to heal
my mind and soul.

For so long I have cared and have
done my best to look out for other's.
That it was okay to stop and breathe.

Sometimes I had to step into
the unknown to find my gift's and
to use them for the good of other's
but to not lose myself in the process.

This they told me and that I would
go with their blessing. That they would
find a way to let me know they are there.


It is not easy being me.
To step out of my comfort
zone, baring my soul.

Afraid of being rejected,
baring either too much
or too little of myself.

Afraid to trust too much
or to like something more
than I should.

Stubborn to the core,
my way of protecting

It took too long to get
myself to where I am

After nights, days
and years of crying
myself to sleep.

Wondering if anyone
other than my family
or friend's would love me.

Did I deserve to be loved?
I had given everything
of myself before.

Hitting rock bottom many
times but being stubborn
enough to not stay down.

Is this such a bad thing
for me?  Not having
someone to hold me at

But then again, I don't
need to be afraid of being
rejected because I keep
to myself.

Such is life. I hope love
will find me again someday
but if not, I can keep myself

Sheena M. Annis

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