Friday, January 1, 2016




One word
To describe
My life

Two words
To describe
My life
Cow shit

Am cow shit
Am dried in the sun
Am pounded
And left to decompose

All this
To be taken
To cultivate lives
To make others flourish

Yes! Am that cow shit
After all, what is sweeter
Than suffer for the sake
Sake of the world

I will cultivate them lives
Am that cow shit
I will suffer for them sake

Am that son of the world!


If fake didn't exist
A bleeder would I be
If fake didn't exist
Then I won't exist

Chameleons surround me
One moment hurting
Next moment laughing
My face dull, at last faking a smile

Instants of low feeling
Even friends and family suck
You gonna look for an anybody
Stage imposition for an umpteenth period

With my sincere words
I would hurt,
Bleeding hearts
Murderous their nature

A times cooled by fake love
A times I cool by fake love
Hearts yet to be attacked
All thanks to fake love!


Sometimes I feel like crying
Like bursting through the tummy of heaven
So as to face the almighty king
And ask him one terrible question
"Why God did you make humans mind unreadable?"

For people are always on my neck
With incorrect descriptions of me
My mind, my heart, my soul, my ...
When will they understand
That am not the way they think

I have no right to justify myself
For they claim am a pathological liar
A daylight devil
Who seeing other people suffer
My best breakfast ever under the scorching sun

Brothers and sisters
Schoolmates and home mates
Friends and enemies
Blacks and whites
Am not the one!

Jackton Mtembete

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