Monday, October 1, 2018




I wanted so much from life,
but would not allow myself
the pleasure of its offering.

I let the worry of lost desire
steal hope from my idle mind.

Never being happy with
what was at hand, but
always wanting more.

I closed the door upon myself,
while hiding in despair.

Too fearful to use the key
right here in my trembling hand.

Lessons learned a little too late,
there is no turning back.

The tormented life left behind,
a new life to begin.

At least I plan to try this time!
Step one ……


Open Meadow.
Closed heart.
Which way to turn from here?

To run free and wild.
To live without a care.

You left so many years ago.
I lost count of the time.

The emptiness that fills me now
is in the shape of you.

Open spaces call to me,
to leave abandon behind.

The sun my only lover.
The wind my constant friend.

Soft green grass beneath my feet.
A journey with no end.


Each night you come to me in my dreams.
In life you are an unreachable chasm away,
right here in the same house – miles apart.

I long for your touch – you withhold it. Once
warm smiles - now icy looks from a cold
heart. My tears freeze under your gaze.

Sometimes sadness is overwhelming,
bleeding out from every pore. The spurn
of love - a lingering pain beyond words.

Unreality is real at last. Flames no
longer burn. I cannot ascertain what went
wrong, or when, just that it has.

Trapped in a cage of lonely days, I long
for night to take me in its arms once
more, so I can dream of you.


ANN CHRISTINE TABAKA has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry, has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from numerous publications. She lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and three cats. Her most recent credits are: Pomona Valley Review; Ariel Chart, Page & Spine, West Texas Literary Review, Oddball Magazine, The Paragon Journal, The Stray Branch, Trigger Fish Critical Review, Foliate Oak Review, Better Than Starbucks!, Anapest Journal, Mused, Apricity Magazine, The Write Launch, The Stray Branch, Scryptic Magazine, Ann Arbor Review, The McKinley Review.
*(a complete list of publications is available upon request)

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