Monday, October 1, 2018




Most private moments of night
growing body of love

A dropped odor
scents out the hints of a kiss

Breath carries its wind in pocket
A careless whisper rolls down
from ear lobe to neck well

Skin, prepared to all states of inspiration…

Ex lovers are tangent to
crossing two circles:
matter and color of the skin

That’s why making love is so crowded…

Man, a snake
swallowing its tail end

All is accepted about man
what to have
or not

Night has come to such a place…


HILAL KARAHAN: Turkish poetess, writer, translator and medical doctor (Born in1977, Gaziantep/Turkey). She has graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University English Medical School in 2001 and Ankara Başkent University Medical School, Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency in 2006. Her professional poems, stories, articles about poetry have been published since 2000. She was one of the editors of ÇAMCAK Culture and Literature Magazine, published in Ankara Hacettepe University Poem Club during 2000-2002, ETKEN Poem Magazine, published in Alanya during 2003-2004 and MÜHÜR Poem and Literature Magazine in İstanbul during 2010-2013. Since 2017, she is a member of publishing council of international bilingual poetry magazines of Absent and Rosetta Word Literatura. Since 2000, she has been writing in various poetry-culture-literature magazines. She has also joined to many collective books, poetry almanacs and literature festivals. Her poems were translated into many languages. Her books were published in foreign countries. She had many national and international poetry awards. She is recently intercontinental director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and general secretary of Writers Capital Foundation (WCF) organizations. She is a member of Turkish PEN, Turkey ambassodor of World Intitute of Peace (WIP) and Turkey member of International Council for Diplomacy and Justice (ICDJ). She is director of Feminİstanbul and Mediterranean Poetry festivals which are held in Turkey every year. Poem Books: İç Sözlük-Bir Günün Özeti - Self Dictionary-Summary of One Day (2003) Tepenin Önünde - In Front of The Hill (2003) Giz ve Sis - Secret and Mist (2004): Found as “remarkable” in 2004 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Poem Election Gecikmiş Mumya - Delayed Mummy (2010): Found as “successful” in 2010 Cemal Süreya Poem Election Ateşi Bölen Gece - The Night Sundering Passion (2012): Given Burhan Günel Private Award in 2013 M. Sunullah Arısoy Poem Election Denizi Arayan Sokak - Strada Care Caut Marea (Turkish-Romanian, 2014) Denizi Arayan Sokak - La Rue Qui Cherce La Mer (Turkish-French, 2016) Ateş ve Gece Arasında - Between Night And Fire (Turkish-English, 2017) Kırk Yama Kırk Yara - Forty Wound Forty Patchwork (2017) ): Given Jurie Special Award in 2017 İsmet Kemal Karadayı Poetry Award Poems To The Shadows - قصائد للظّلال (Turkish-English-Arabic, 2017) Oriento Medio (Spanish, 2018) Angoli Della Notte (Italian, 2018) Prose Books: Şiir ve Kuantum - Poem and Quantum (2012) Dip Köşe Şiir Notları - Nook and Cranny Poem Notes (2014) Garland Book: Öteki Poetika: Bayrıl Şiiri Üzerine Yazılar - Other Poetic: Assays About Bayrıl Poem (2012)

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